anyone know spliced ? it's a tv show that aired in 2014 , anyway here is some orgins :

peri's theory Edit

peri was born in 2001 in texas and had lots of pranks he would do at age 5 , but with this happening , his parents sent him to a theoripist in hopes of getting rid of his pranks , so the pheripist had a cure that would get rid of peri's evil habits : spanking him , so every 6 months until 2008 , so he would spank peri for 9 hours and return him back to the house , but by year 2008 , the spanking progress ended and peri turned into a born-again-christian and he ate his vegables , did his homework , and did all the habits that would end him up in heaven , but in 2010 a assassin came to the house and killed his parents , and he ran away but that did'nt work as a result , in 2014 , peri went to keep away island to forget about the death of his parents

entree's theory Edit

entree was peri's brother he was born in 1993 , and he has a disease that makes him very stupid and lowers how smart he is with makes him be very fun often , but after his parents death ( witch are peri's obeissley ) he had went with his brother , peri and went to keep away island