In 1996, Warner Brothers produced a Looney Tunes movie named Space Jam. The movie caused a lot of buzz and I happen to be a big fan of it myself. In some month on 1997, Space Jam was released on VHS. However, between October 1, 2001 TO October 31 2001, Space Jam was being sold one VHS at a Flea market. The day was October 7, 2001. And I was at one area at the market. A man was selling a Space Jam VHS.

It was labeled "Space Jam - with UNRELEASED Alternate Ending". I was happy to see nice and cool content on a VHS, so I bought it.

The VHS goes out normal until, Mister Swackhammer takes out a gun and shoots Michael Jordan in the chest, Bugs Bunny looks down at his body and frowns. The tape froze, then it went to static. The weird thing is that I could make out some sort of video in the static... It looked like Bugs Bunny standing over Michael, and Bugs Bunny somehow tore open Michael's chest and proceeded to eat his intestines, I nearly vomited. 

Mister Swackhammer then laughs at his deed, and takes over earth and makes humans his slaves. Then he looks at the screen and says:

Whoever is watching this, will die in 2 years...

I was freaked out. I packed my stuff, grabbed my cat, and moved to a far way place...

I will never forget this...

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