I was cleaning out my basement and played some pool for a while, until I found a mysterious VHS tape lying on the floor. I was unable to read it, because it was really dusty. So I blew the dust off, and suddenly... A lost episode tape! It spelled out "EVERYTHING COMES TO AN END" in a red marker that looked like blood. I turned the TV in the basement on, and popped the tape in my VCR.

The Space Goofs theme popped up on my screen. This was a blast from the past! It felt like I was 6 years old again! I jumped in joy because I was happy to see such a old school 90's show.

The episode was called "Everything Comes to an End" and it started with Etno lying on a hospital bed, looking very unwell. Before he passed away peacefully, he made a promise to the aliens: donate his brain to science, cremate his body, and put the ashes in "some secret place". That kinda reminded me of Albert Einstein before he died.

The aliens shed realistic tears from their eyes, as Etno passed away. he fell asleep since he "felt a bit tired".

Candy touched Etno's body.

"He's out cold..." He tried hard not to cry.

Three days later, the trio did his promise. There was a very gruesome scene where they fully took his brain out of his head. A time card said seven and a half hours had passed, and they smashed the brain into more than 200 pieces and stored it into two purple bottles. They decided to send it to scientists.

Later, they light a match and burnt his dead body. They put the ashes into a big red bag, and went into Etno's labrotary. They scattered the ashes into some cups and bottles.

The episode ended when it cut to pitch black and blood red text said



I quickly rejected the tape out of the VCR, but it wouldn't seem to come out. I had nothing to do but go upstairs and throw the VCR on the roads. Hopefully it got run over there, but I'm not sure.

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