I had been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog ever since the game came out in 1991. I also have all of the Sonic games in my collection, such as Sonic Adventure, Sonic R, Sonic 3 and Sonic Generations. One day, I came across a game that was somewhat strange, so there's my story...

Yesterday in 1999, I was watching some TV. Then, a commercial for a all new Sonic game started and at the end, it said it was for the Nintendo 64. I was really excited, so I went to a video game store to find some video games laying. After coming across some, I spotted a N64 cartridge saying "Sonic 64".

I grabbed the cartridge and went home. On my way back home, I started saying that there was no Sonic game for the N64, but this was REALLY for the N64. When I went home, I went to my mother's room where the N64 was, grabbed it, went downstairs and started to play this mysterious game. First, the game started up with the usual Nintendo 64 logo we usually see in most N64 games. Then, the SEGA logo popped up with a man screaming "SEGAAA!!!".

Then, the game's title screen followed. The title screen was just a bunch of twinkling stars on a black background with Sonic and the text "SONIC THE Hedgehog 64" at the right of Sonic. I then said that Sonic looked a little weird, as if he was drawn by a 1-year kid. Then, I pressed Start and then these settings popped up. They said:

New Game


I picked New Game and a cutscene showed up where Sonic was running and doing other things. The cutscene then ended and a level named "Green Grass Level One" began. The level took place in a normal, grassy island like Green Hill Zone would be. I was playing as Sonic. I began to control him by pressing the buttons on the N64. Sonic did things like going around circles, getting some rings and jumping on robots.

After I explored through the level, I was in a fighting contest with Dr. EggMan and Sonic. A speech bubble then appeared on Sonic:

"Doctor EggMan, what are you doing there! I thought I was going on adventure to defeat your evil robots!".

Doctor EggMan then got a speech bubble saying:

"Don't talk, blue little f**k. I just kidnapped your friends, Tails, Knuckles and Amy".

Then, the battle started and I chose Sonic to throw rings at Dr. EggMan. Dr. EggMan then vomited and then said:

"You just hurt my belly".

He then ran away crying and Sonic leaved. Then, another level started, named "Laboratory Level Two". The level took place in a secret laboratory, with TV tubes over the doors and some glasses. I then began to control Sonic as he ran through the entire level. Suddenly, he fell down to a hole and then, a static screen followed, which said:

"You are lost. Just a lost, stupid hedgehog. You can't escape".

Then, a level named "FEAR Level Zero" began. I then began to thought that this was just a horror game, but I continued on. The level took place in a black room, where everything except for a small light at the middle was dark. I then started to control Sonic with the N64 console as he started running in unknown speeds. But then, Sonic didn't know where he was going. He bumped into a metal wall filled with spikes.

Then, the camera showed him his dead body. A dialogue box then appeared above him:

"This is just one huge story than yours. Remember, don't let the cradle shake".

Then, I got a Game Over screen and then a level called "??? Level ???" started. The level took place in a haunted wooden room with ghosts flying. I tried to control Sonic, but he didn't move. Then, another static screen popped up.

I then got the cartridge out, smashed it with a hammer and never played it again. I then watched some news. The news said:

"Luckily, we had found a game hacker, who brought this game. Later, he was killed and we didn't find him at all".

Remember, if you come across a game like that, please, call the police or destroy it.

(Whew! That was a long story!)

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