I was online, Watching Sonic Hack Showcase. They showed off a hack called Sonic Classic Heroes. Where you play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. I thought it was cool, I looked for downloads. There were no downloads, I found a .zip called, I was confused. "Dead Heroes?".

It began on Green Hill, Knuckles had black eyes and was chasing Sonic and Tails. Knuckles got Tails and bit off his head, Sonic ran as fast, He began to go on fire and screamed "OH GOD! OH GO-" As he melted. Knuckles.exe did his little chuckle animation with blood dripping from his eye sockets. Sonic.exe and Tails Doll appeared and Chuckled with Knuckles.exe.

I chose Tails Doll and went to Marble Zone, TD killed all the animals. Tails Doll won the level, Sonic.exe took a knife and stabbed Knuckles and he fell down and became .exe like. TD and Sonic laughed as Amy came in the plane and killed Tails Doll, EXE got mad. EXE used lazer eyes and killed Amy, She screamed as She melted. 

Sonic stabbed Tails, Knuckles came and screamed "SONIC! Stop killing Tails". Sonic stopped and stared at Knuckles and kicked him in eyes and throw the bodies off the cliff. Sonic clutched his head as Claws bursted out of his head. Sonic flied down to the floor and The Metal Sonic boss battle began.

I made Evil Knuckles.exe spin dash into Silver Sonic, Silver Sonic used Suicidal Sonic's Knife sliced Knuckles' neck and laughed at the poor hegehog's body. The "GAME OVER" screen came up.

The game was now normal, Due to killing the monsters. I was happy except for Tails, He didn't appear on the game anymore. 

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