Sonic Boo title card
Remember Sonic the Hedgehog, the video game character we loved? Well, I hear there is a website that had no text at all, no design at all, actually, but it was entirely different.

I was actually told to download the link to the Sonic cartoon, I don't know what that means. After this, I clicked on it out of excitement and downloaded it. It didn't take long at all, 7 long months before I could take time to edit the video. After that, my computer went crazy over it. It was the worst virus I ever caught. So, to do this, I burned the cartoon into a DVD that should've been happened at that time.

All of this was just a Sonic cartoon at all, but there was something happening at that time. When I opened up the file on my media player, the gradient background went from black to red, instead of black to blue. All I could see is the text reading "PRODUCED BY" instead of "DISTRIBUTED BY". The Archiplex logo was entirely different. I knew that there's something wrong in the logo. The word "Archiplex" was written in a bloody font instead of the actual Buena Vista font that was supposed to happen. All you could hear during the logo was the reversed PaRappa sound effect. And that's all there was. And when I came across the Sonic head at the beginning of every cartoon, I was shaking my head - thinking "Well, that was a waste of time.". The Sonic theme song played as normal, but still, the Sonic logo popped up.

After 10 seconds of this, the title card read "Sonic Boo" written in Times New Roman font. You can only see ghosts in the black background. I was surprised by some evil laughing mixed with the ending notes of the opening theme. The cartoon begins with footage from Max Gilardi's video "SONIC: TOO FAST?". Well, I watched through it, and what you can hear are some dialogues such as "WAIT YOUR TURN!" or "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" in a demonic voice either which one. These replaced the bad word "Dick" or the phrase "Yeah, suck my dick!". The episode ended with Sonic going to fast speed, and then it cuts to black with a sound of a tin can-esque gong. What you can see here is Sonic lying on a pool of blood. His belly was cut open, and there was a shadow of a photographer lying on a dark road. You can see the text that said "R.I.P. Sonic 1991-2014". I yet to see this very horrifying. After that, the credits rolled.

During the credits, I was very depressed by hearing the soundtrack to the GoAnimate website. The last 2 credits ended very normal in an MGM/Disney style. Unless this is a regular Sonic cartoon at that time, but I might be disappointed at most things.

Relief on the cartoon

One day later at my friend's house, I brought the tape of the cartoon to his dad. What he couldn't believe that it was created by Archiplex, a crude-drawn animator at his studio. If you haven't been able to watch the cartoon yet, don't watch it! Or else, Sonic.exe will come to you and run away.

Another thing about the cartoon is that it's not even organized by a founder of Sega. When Shout! Factory was reviewing the cartoon to be put in the upcoming Sonic DVD, they decided it was too junk to be on the DVD, but wanted to have a digital copy due to the fact that it was a creation of Sega. I don't believe what I just saw! If you don't stop watching this cartoon over and over again, I will never see that again.

So from now on, I'll continue watching more Sonic cartoons created for TV, but it depends on me having to do with school. And one more thing, this cartoon can be only viewed by me, instead of the viewers who are watching the Sonic TV show by themselves! So from this, I will have more time to talk about this, but it was online on Mediafire under the name "Sonic Lost Episode.avi". It wasn't a lost episode either, but it was rather choppy. I wanted to share this to you guys, since you haven't told me about it yet.

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