It was almost christmas, My family is about to come tomorrow, Its going to be amazing. But one day on december 14 2013 i was cleaning all around the house the bathroom the closet the bedroom everywhere but when i was about to clean the basement i found something that was not there before the sega genesis and a copy of sonic 2. I was surprised i was once a sonic fan al long time ago so i have no choice but to play it. i plug in the sega genesis and put the game in and the game started. It starts like the old sonic 2 logo i really can't wait. But when i press play the game freeze i tryed everything to get it back on but nothing happend i was getting angry. but then the screen turn into static.

Static screen

the screen go dark and it's really hard to see.

So i restart the game and it works fine after that weird thing maybe is just a old game. But when i press start the game said it won't allow me. Then i click on the options menu and the sonic and tails text is broken but the text that said "Sonic Alone" I click on it then text come up saying "Have Fun Alone!" "Okay?" 

Sonic Alone

I said to myself. I played as sonic something is wrong with the first stage. The trees where gone, the grass was brown, even sonic looks scared, the music is backwards and sound deep But the game turn off.

But the sonic 2 logo only had sonic on it then the static came but it got worse.

The logo is red and black the sky was green sonic really look like a monster in the static. Then somehow got back to stage 1 and tails is with me agian so i have to play the game.

it was normal it was fine but the game freeze. Then the stage turn blue sonic and tails was frozen then the screen turn into green and red!

Glitch screen

The screen turn into black and text come up that said "Why are you not playing alone?" Then sonic is on a stage what has red skys the floor has blood on it. then it freeze then text come up. "GET OUT"

Then the game ended my sonic childhood has end after playing that game so i throw it away into the fire of my fire place. That game must be from someone else or something.

But i see the sega genesis on my bed with the game i just played but the game had sonic and tails with bloody eyes
Get out screenshot