After the production of "Sonic 3", the workers were in a deep depression, and some even committed suicide. Sega ordered another Sonic game. Sonic Team wanted to take a break, but Sega forced more of their employees to produce a 'Sonic 4', something edgier than Sonic 3. They worked the night and day, creating a new Sonic game. When it was done, it was burned to a CD, with black marker reading "SONIC.EXE".

In 2019, 'Sonic.EXE' was released to the public, the people who had played EXE had died in their sleep, mumbling something that could only be assumed as nightmares. A future diary entry. was leaked on Creepypasta Wiki, entitled "Sonic.EXE" and became VERY popular with the creepypasta community, more popular than Squidward's Suicide. 

A game based off Sonic.EXE was made and can be played on a Windows computer, the real game remains a mystery. 

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