Today I was playing Sonic Spinball on the Sega Genesis. The doorbell rang and a mailman came to deliver me a package that contained Sonic 3 on the Sega Genesis. Cody: Sonic 3? Amazing! I took Sonic 3, got in my room and put Sonic 3 in my Genesis. Instead of the sega logo being blue, it was red. After 5 seconds, the Sonic the hedgehog logo was normal. But there were some differences, the sky was grey, the water was blood red (Similar to Sonic.exe). I was playing as Shadow.

.Shadow in sonic3 exe

Shadow in sonic3.exe

Cody:Why is Shadow in a 16 bit Sonic game? I pressed start and there was no static, just the sound. After 5 seconds, red text appeared "Welcome Back". Stage 1 was called "???".
Shadow in sonic 3 exe

Shadow in "???"

The background was black, Sonic.exe appeared with static for maybe 3 seconds. On the right, there was a large gold ring.
Sonic3 exe shadow gold ring

Shadow in "???" With a golden ring

I made shadow jump into the ring. Shadow was in a spinball animation like if you were either playing Sonic 1,2,3 or Sonic and Knuckles when Sonic runs and you hold right and press down, Sonic would do a spinball animation. after a while, Shadow was still in the spinball animation. Sonic.exe came and killed Shadow.

Next up was Silver the Hedgehog. Cody:I don't remember Sliver being in a 16 bit Sonic game? Before I press start, Both of Shadow's eyes were red. Even the pupils! I pressed start and the level was called "unnamed level". The ironic part was that the level had no level name, but It did. Anyway, I kept sliver walk to the right. After 6 seconds, Sonic.exe appeared in front of Silver and the platform disappeared. Sonic.exe was levitating, Silver ironically wasn't. I watched Silver fall down in slow motion. Silver died.

On the title screen, Silver has empty eyes sockets. It look like if both of his whole eyes were recolored black.

Last up was Espio the chameleon. Cody:Even Espio is not in a 16 bit Sonic game!

Sonic3 exe title screen jpg

Title screen after Shadow and Silver died.

I pressed start and the level was "Corrupted_file.exe".
Espio in sonic 3exe

Espio in sonic3.exe

The background was Giygas. I had Espio move around for a while until spikes came from the air slowly to the ground and killed Espio.

After Espio died, a text appeared stating, "They're all dead". "You can't escape me"."I AM GOD". With slenderman sounds, a picture of Sonic.exe with his hands with blood. I turned around and I saw a Sonic.exe plushie.

To Be Continued.