Some of you remember the Skyline Gang, It is a happy show, When I sat down next to Redcoat Charlotte, Before the show started, Many fans were delighted with glee, As the show started, The announcer said in agitated & worried tone "L-L-Ladies and Gentlemen, Butlins presents: Skyline Gang: Killing Time." The theme song was distorted & glitched, scaring some little ones, Some were crying, MimI came out on stage instead of a whole gang, then Mimi's friends came out angry & agitated, after 3 minutes of a theme song, Candi said "It's time to kill Sprout!" and Sprout started to get scared and was dead after, Sprout's fans were crying for him, after killing a whole gang, Candi turned from pink to black and her eyes were black soulless bloodied tears, Redcoats had to cancel due to Candi turning to the serial killer but they died. After that, Holidaymakers evacuated Butlins.