once a upon a time there was a monster sqiud called skodwarde he like monters evething like skowarde does want to eat everything but he know how to look spongebob ripped out his under pants but he looks angey and skodwarde said poop out and shut your mouth and he got his tooth paste and look angry unlike nick canada it has his tooth brush but patrick is look real like thing and holds a knife and kills patrick he look like squidward but he looks awful and cuteis and he like his squidward's butter but he has peanut butter and he looks white squid but he was water of them but he is scary look about hablook and he block his hand and he look like his uncle look handsome and he look his hand and he say goodbye uncle ugly but he says go away he started crying and holds a butter knife out of a book and spongebob returns his lesson messege and he look eye pain he cry alot of time and he look alot awful and ever and spongeob got hand by skodwarde looks like ugly things he is got patrick is angry and said stupid skodwarde and look like stupid but he got skodwarde cut a hand and give it to spongebob and patrick said you look awful stupid and gross scary look! but skodwarde does not have a look his uncle came back and say all you alright but skowarde say shut up and go away his uncle got killed by a deveil than spongebob came back and suprisd that he kill his uncle and cry together and he look at it it did not look at it i went to youtube to find that episode but i was shocked in a manaic like monster crap farting man and trying to reloed to that say this video has been removed by zanzlanz!!!!!!

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