This is an updated version of Sinnahmown, with fixed punctuation, spelling and such. This is not to be confused with SinnahMown.

Hey, do you guys know that “Cinnamon and Apple” campaign? Well, there's a dark secret behind that cheery and happy commercial.

In 2033, which is the time I'm in now, I saw a very dark and disturbing commercial or EAS alert that Kellogg’s is planning to dump nuclear in our water for their new type of cinnamon flavor. I’m not sure if it's a flavor. As a fan of TV DX, I always catch weird things from faraway places. Usually it’s a transmission or two that I can’t find an explanation for and I usually forget them almost immediately. But there was one that I will never forget…

I was looking for a signal one night and caught a high definition test card. It was the old Indian test card, but the Indian had no face; it was just a skull accompanied by white noise. I kept my hand away from the control and prepared myself to see what this was.

Suddenly, a commercial for Apple Jacks started. It was dubbed in an unknown language; it didn’t matter to me, so I kept watching.

It started with Cinnamon going down to the kitchen. In this one, he found a box of Apple Jacks. He looked at it for a moment before opening it. A monster that could only have come from a horror story popped out.

It filled Cinnamon’s ass with its tentacles until it was entirely inside the cinnamon stick’s body. Cinnamon stood up, his body covered in goo and his face deformed. The image was burned in my mind and will never leave. Cinnamon walked out of his house like a zombie until he arrived at Apple’s.

The little house opened and Cinnamon’s tongue came out. It stuck to Apple’s head and started sucking. After a while, Apple fell down and Cinnamon walked up to him. The tentacles jumped out of the lovecraft creature and entered the Apple’s body, changing him into an equally horrible form.

Cinnamon began immobilized Apple with his tongue and began to sodomize. Apple stayed still, crying while the house flooded with goo from Cinnamon’s dead limp body.

The commercial ended after that and then words appeared: “Today the town, next the world everyone will be just like you see.” Then the signal cut out and I felt weird. My whole body was covered in goo. Tentacles came out of my mouth. I saw my girlfriend outside my house. It was time.


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