I love to watch Shrek when it first came out in theaters. I remembered that i bought all the DVDS. Me and my mom and dad watched them all, but not anymore. I got rid of them.  Here's why.

It started when I was in my collage dorm. I was on my computer to search of DVD.RIPs so I can download them and burn a copy. On the website, there was a DVD.RIP labeled "Mystery Movie." I was happy that it was a mystery.

I read the info on it and it said that it was filled with deleted scenes and a special bonus song included. So I downloaded it with the bonus song too, put the dvd in and burned a copy. I was extremely happy, but I should've been more careful.

Piracy is a crime, and it comes with a price.

I put in the DVD on my Xbox 360 and the movie started. Thank god I got a microwave in my dorm and a mini-fridge to get popcorn and soda. The movie started with a Fairy Tales book. Out of luck, I realized it was the first Shrek Movie.

It started off with the DreamWorks logo as normal, but the music was slow and reversed with a bit of vibrato and distortion in it, and the whole logo was horizontal, backwards, and red.

After the DreamWorks logo and right before the fairytale book opening scene is about to end, the screen cut to black for 16 seconds. I screamed in frustration:


I banged the Xbox 360 to start working properly. Then the movie came back on and I saw Donkey staring at the screen for 20 seconds, looking like he just seen something horrible.

Then, Donkey speaks:

"Hello. If you are watching this, TAKE THE DVD OUT NOW! And run far away from here as possible before he comes!"

Then a loud bump was heard. Donkey ran and said:

"Oh god! He's here! Run away! Dont look at the screen! It's what he wants you to do!"

I was scared but I didnt do what he said. Then, the bump grew louder and I heard a reversed all star song in the background.

Then, I saw a green figure walking towards my screen. It was Shrek, and he had dark crimson red eyes. His palms were huge, like he could crush a person to death. His head was deformed and pixelated.

I was so scared that I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran away from my dorm. Shrek screamed with a demonic, Scottish voice,

"you forgot to leave without me! I will chop you into layers!"

I ran and I could see him behind me very angry. I made it to the police station to tell them whats going on. Then they took me in, called my parents, and told them i was imagining stuff.

A few days later, I went back into my dorm. It wasnt damaged, so I managed to sleep there tonight. During that night, I heard the loud bumps and my computer turned on and played All Star in reverse. I saw Shrek out my window.

He said: "Hey now, you're a rockstar!"

Be careful now, if you see the DVD.RIP of the first Shrek movie that contains Shrek with dark crimson red eyes, huge palms, and a deformed head, don't download and watch it! Otherwise, you will see something bad happen just like I did! DESTROY IT!

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