NOTICE: This creepypasta has smilarities to The My Little Pony Tales Lost Episode Creepypasta.

Back in the day I was a humongous fan of one of the longest running tv shows that still is on tv today Sesame Street. I had everything I could find about Sesame Street the character plushes and figures, the toys, the books, the videos and much more and to this very day I still am a fan of Sesame Street. But the most horrible thing was about to come.

One day in 2012 I was looking for some Sesame Street VCR"s and DVD"s on Amazon but I didn't find any interesting or anything I did not have. I decided to go the Salvation Army store at my local mall. Just to my luck I found some Sesame Street VCR's and DVD"s in a huge box along with some other Sesame Street stuff with it. I took it to the cashier and I asked the cashiew how much it was. The Cashier said "That will be 5 dollars for all of it. I gave the cashier the money and drove home in excitement. I looked all around the box however I found a strange dvd it said "Sesame Street Banned Episode" it was written in light blue sharpie and I thought to myself "Time to relive my memories.". I put the dvd in the player and ads came on to relive my memories even further.

After that the intro played and I smiled as I watched it. However the screen started to turn left near the end of the intro but I thought of it as a glitch. The episode's name however disturbed me. It was called "The Sesame Street Massacre" I was shocked but thought of it as a morbid joke.

The episode starts with Elmo walking down the street when he bumps into Big Bird. Elmo says "Oh hi Big Bird how's the day going?". Big Bird says "Well good as usual Elmo." Then I heard a gunshot which came from the tv.

Everyone starts running scared and screaming and Elmo looks at what is happening along with Big Bird then something unexpected appeared. It was a terrorist and he had a dangerous rifle in his hand. Elmo and Big Bird ran away horrified but the terrorist chased them nearly killing Elmo and Big Bird but luckily they manage to dodge the shots.

Oscar the Grouch then came out from his trash can saying "What's going on here?" Then terrorist shot Oscar and he died instantly. Then it showed Cookie Monster hiding on the side of an apartment building before he is found and shot by this terrorist. But for some reason after he shot Cookie Monster he started eating his organs and brain with realistic blood to go with it.

That's what the terrorist did to everyone he killed. Then it cuts back to Elmo and Big Bird in an abandoned tunnel from 1867. They said together "This terrorist wont find us here we hope". Then the terrorist appeared in front of Elmo and multiple clones of himself all chanting "DIE DIE DIE". Then it cut to the terrorist eating Elmo and Big Bird like the rest.

Then it showed Sesame Street on fire. The people and the muppets getting murdered and raped by the terrorist with a gun and a rocket launcher before it went to the credits.

I took the DVD out and smashed it to no end. I was horrified and i learned a valuable lesson. Dont watch a VCR or DVD that has something labeled like banned, lost, or unaired episode.

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