There is this new show on Cartoon Network called Scaredy Squirrel. I like it, but my little brother loves it a heck of a lot more than I do. One night, It was 12:00, I was tuned in to Boomerang. A promo than came on saying that a Scaredy Squirrel special would come on. Seeing that it hadn't came on on CN yet, finding that a little weird, I decided to watch it.

It was weird. It started off with the theme as usual, but when it had that “warning” instead of saying he is based off a character, sounding genuine it said, “Warning:Do Not Watch”. The Squirrel even said that himself! He didn't even say that in front of that white background! His mouth didn't even move! It was just a still picture, but it was different. He was like, crying blood, and he had a unibrow. And the episode was in surprisingly good quality.

It started out like usual, with Scaredy stacking up cans. He looked very dejected, which is actually quite unusual. But he wasn't crying blood. He was crying real, hyper-realistic, tears. Then, it had turned to black and white. He just walked away. Then it turned back to color. It showed Dave holding up a sword with blood on it. He was just ambling towards Nestor.

Then it showed a video of the Osama Bin Laden execution. The video showed the full execution. Oh my god. The horror. The human brain cannot even come close to comprehending what I saw I that cartoon. I, I just can't do this. I am just gonna have to quit writing. Oh my god! There she is. Melanie Watt! She just broke into my house! She's holding up a sword!

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