Scarbob Deathpants

"Scarbob Deathpants" is a lost Spongebob prototype made by Tom Kenny, Who took drugs during the first season of Spongebob.


I was looking for a VHS for my baby sister, I found a VHS labeled "SBDP". It was a Spongebob VHS, Had to be one... With Spongebob holding a butter knife, While Patrick conforted Spongebob and While Squidward layed on the floor with real eyes photoshopped in. 

"Hmm... It's cool... I have to have it!" I muttered, I picked up the VHS and brough the food and some cold cuts for the party I had later... The picture kinda scared me... But Atleast I found it... Maybe it was Squidward's suicide?

I took it, I rushed home. Eager to watch some Lost episode or something, It showed Spongebob coming out of his house. The house had blood stains, The house had cuts too.

The hand usually pulls Spongebob's pants off, Instead Spongebob stabs the hand, He cuts the hand in bits and eats it. I felt like I was gonna vomit, Holding back the vomit wasn't easy...

Spongebob goes in the tub, But instead of water it was blood and body parts. Spongebob soaked up all the body parts and blood water. He drank the bloody water, He chowed down on the bodies too...

I vomitted all over the TV, The TV shutted off. The shadow of Spongebob was on my wall, I heard a voice:

"Your next kid!" It was Tom Kenny's voice, The TV flashed pictures of Spongebob and a picture of Tom Kenny covered in blood. The TV played the theme:

"Whooooooooooooo Lives in slaughter house, Under the projects:


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