Do you know that show on Nickelodeon called Sanjay and Craig? Well, I was a music composer for the show. One day, my friends told me that there was a Sanjay and Craig lost episode on YouTube. I clicked on the link.

This episode made me cry and I tell you why. At first, the intro was different. It was in black and white. The episode was titled "Mr. Noodman's Revenge". What a weird episode. It started with Sanjay and Craig playing with their toys. I never saw them play with their toys like that. Then, Mr. Noodman appears and punches Sanjay. He put out a gun and shot Sanjay.

Then it cut to a dumper where Mr. Noodman appears and splits on Craig. Sanjay said "Look out, Craig!". Mr. Noodman stabs Craig. Mr. Noodman came up to Sanjay and Craig and says "You made me do this".

Mr. Noodman rips Sanjay's arm off, he cries and screams in pain. The episode ended with Sanjay's parents at the boy's funeral. The episode name me cry, because I liked Sanjay and Craig, they were awesome characters.

The episode was made by the creators of Bob's Burgers because they hated the "boy and snake" thing. I never saw something like that in a new episode.

Thank you for taking time reading this.

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