it begins with sanjay walking with craig

sanjay: craig, look a porta-potty

craig : good cause this snake is gotta do his wounds

tufflips : sanjay , do you gotta go to the bathroom ?

sanjay : yeah , because im about to pee in my pants

( sanjay enters but then falls into a room )

sanjay : ( wakes up ) what happened ?

craig : i'm not your pet anymore ... instead i'm with tufflips

sanjay : you have got to be kidding me

craig : nope , not kidding

tufflips : not only is he but megan hector your mom and dad are ether

sanjay : what the !?

tufflips : and we are going to explain this ... by song !

now you're in the warehouse and something creepy is behind sanjay

sanjay : were ? ahhh !

and we are going to teach a lesson , because i turned everybody into zombies , and they are going to teach you a lesson , just because you been cheating on megan and belle

sanjay : cheating ? i'm not cheating i just like them as friends !

and you had to ! because you  wanted all these people to turn into zombies , and they are going to teach you the ultimate lesson , and you have to learn from your mistakes

sanjay : you have got to be kidding me again !

and you are going to pay the price because you are a bad boy ! and bad boys get spankings

sanjay : but im not bad ! ( gets spanked ) owchawawa

tufflips : you just made a mistake , a big mistake

 everyone has been possessed because hector is out for revenge , and mom has a high anger level , the dad monster is now a big ghoul , while megan does her main role the angry sanjay zombies are running through your hall and the evil rangington tufflips controls them all MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanjay : nooo ! i am not a bad boy ahhh ! stay back !

craig : sanjay ! wake up !

sanjay : oh its you , what happened ?

craig : you fell asleep waiting next to the porta-potty

sanjay : does that mean i have to go to the bathroom now ?

craig : yes

( sanjay runs to the porta-potty but is shocked to learn that there are 1000 people in line )

sanjay : ahhh ! why is their so much people in line ?

fat guy : because some people have to do their wounds ( reads newspaper )

sanjay : aw , man !