I was on my bed watching TV watching some cartoons. When I switched from channel to channel, Sam City was about to come on. That was weird because it was 9PM and I would be asleep. I was excited that I was about to see Sam City. My smiley grin face turned into a horrified face when I saw this episode.

At first, the intro didn't seem right. The colour was a red tint. The rating was TV-MA instead of TV-Y7. The animation was very rough and the quality looked like someone had recorded via VHS. The title of the episode was "Sam Guy's Last Life", which I thought was weird. Well, the episode starts.

The episode starts off with Sam Guy and his clones watching TV. Suddenly, Doctor opened the door and he had... black, bleeding red eyes. He then said "SAM GUY! YOU JUST ATE MY GOLDEN CHEESE!". I then thought that was weird because Sam Guy didn't ate a golden cheese at the beginning of the episode. Doctor then stomped out of the room and static played. All that I could hear is a soundwave.

It then showed Sam Guy saying something before there was evil demonic voices heard in the background. There is a knock on the door and Sam Girl comes in. She tells she could get her funding back.

I then got confused. Why could the kids show have fundings in it? Well, I continued on. Sam Girl says goodbye to Sam Guy and kisses him in the lips. She gets on the plane and goes to Japan. It then shows Sam Guy playing a video game. Doctor then came in and turned on the news. The news reporter said that the plane Sam Girl was on had crashed in Ukraine without any survivors. What the heck? How could be a airplane crashing in a kids show?

Doctor then showed him a picture of Sam Girl dead, she was drawn in the same hyper-realistic style as Bart's corpse from the lost Simpsons episode, Dead Bart. Sam Guy then laughs, saying that it was a good joke. Doctor, in a stern voice said "THIS IS NOT A JOKE!".

Sam Guy then bursted into tears. Then, there was a still image that haunts me for the rest of my life. It was a picture of Fluttershy in her wedding outfit from MLP: FiM. What made it so freaky was that Fluttershy had red eyes with blood running down from Fluttershy's eyes.

The camera cut to a shot of the church. It then cut to the inside of the church, which was a funeral for Sam Girl. It then showed the same shot of Sam Girl and stayed there for the rest of the scene. It then cut to Sam Guy at his desk, writing a note to Sam Girl.

He cried out as he wrote:

"I can't take it anymore. Without Sam Girl-".

There were cut out. A demonic voice said "DO IT". There was then no noise. No noise at all except for Sam Guy picking up the blurry thing. The blurry thing was revealed to be a Minigun, looking as though it were Photoshopped into the scene. Sam Guy lifts the barrel into his mouth, pulls the trigger and then cuts to black. I heard a sound of the gun firing, and splattering. When the camera starts up again, what I saw scared the crap out of me. It was Sam Guy… he was dead.

It then showed a grassy field with tombstones. One said "R.I.P. SAM GUY 2001-2011" and the other said "R.I.P. SAM GIRL 2001-2011". Then the creepy picture of Fluttershy stayed there for the remainder of the episode until it went to the credits.

The credits weren't normal. The song was the Sonic CD US Game Over music being played in reverse, the background was all red, and the credits were all in Russian. The copyright date was different, reading "(c) 2000-2011 Viacom Enterprises". Sam City wasn't made in 2000. What the hell? It was odd, as Sam City was created in 2001. It didn't cut to the closing logo's like usual. Instead, it cut to pitch black.

The next day, Saturday, I searched for the episode on the Internet but nothing came up. I tried telling my friends about this, but nobody believed me.

I went on my e-mail, and I had the urge to contact Viacom about this. In exactly forty-five minutes, an intern replied.

"Hello, thank you for contacting us about this episode. One thing, how in the heck did you find that? I never, ever, EVER, thought I would think about that old shame again. Don't tell anyone this, but Sam City goes back further than you know.

I used to have a really boring job as a teen, and I sketched little drawings. The episode you saw was never supposed to be seen by anyone but me and a few friends of mine. It was a very, very awful thing to do, but we made the episode as a joke.

A guy from my old job, who everyone hated, had lost a child to a crazed serial killer, who is apparently still out there somewhere. Anyway, we made it so we could make fun of how he came into work usually, crying like a fool, which is why you saw Sam Guy burst into tears in the episode.

I know, I am deeply sorry for what I did, which is why I tried to bury that stupid thing years ago. Literally, I went out into the countryside with my mates and dug a hole and buried it.

What I don't get though, is how you described the blood and guts and stuff. We didn't have any scene with Sam Guy commiting suicide, all that happens in the episode is Sam Guy crying like crazy. We didn't even draw anything in the episode like that, at all. We're not that sick.

Now, this is my theory, the lunatic who killed the man's child found the tape we buried, watched it, and heavily edited it. Then, he hijacked the local TV station near *******, (I blocked out the name of my city, I'm paranoid enough.) somehow, and got the episode to air on your local station.

Now, for the explanation you have been waiting for, the Fluttershy picture. I DON'T KNOW. I DON'T. I'm deeply sorry, from the bottom of my heart, but I don't know why the picture was aired, I just don't. I am sorry, I really am, but me and my mates are just the ones who made those scenes with Sam Guy crying, that's it. I'm so sorry, I'm so deeply sorry. - Yee Mcdougall."

So if you ever watched a episode like this, don't ever watch it. Watch other things, it's for your own good.

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