Sally Bollywood is a show on Qubo and Pop. Here is the story of what I found for the shows early making.

I was hanging out with my friend at his house. He told me that he got a Sally Bollywood DVD for me, he knows I like Sally Bollywood. He said that there was something strange about it. First, there was no cover, just a note on it. Second, it said it was made in 2008, 1 year earlier from the actual release of it, which was 2009. But I saw some words on the back of the note saying

Early Pilot UNAIRED

My friend said that he did not watch it yet, I asked if he wanted it watch it with me at my house, he said yes, so his mom drove us to our house.

By the time we were there, my friend went to get some Fanta orange soda and I was getting some Cheez-its. We sat on the couch in the living room, but before that, I put the DVD disc in the DVD player. And it started.

There was no intro, just some text with a black background. With a little girl saying Sally! After 5 seconds, it went to the episode. It started with Sally at her school. Sally looked a little different, she had gray pupils,no red dot on her head, and no earrings. She was listening to her teacher, but 10 seconds later, a spitball got thrown at her. The guy who spitted the spitball was of course, a bully. But the bully looked a little like Doowe. Expect that the bully in that pilot had green pupils, black hair and a gray shirt. Maybe Doowe was originally gonna be a bully. Then Sally looked at the screen, having an angry expression on her face. After a few seconds, she did a big grin with a smile. And then some text, just with a black background with green text appeared saying

Genocide School

Genocide? I thought this was a kids show. Oh, maybe Sally Bollywood was originally gonna be for adults.

Then it started with the Bully sleeping in his room, which was down in the basement, after 5 seconds, it showed Sally sneaking to his house, after a minute of showing her sneaking in the house, it showed the Bully sleeping again, and then Sally appeared out of nowhere and stared at the sleeping bully. For some reason, the bully woke up, and then the bully gasped. It showed Sally with a chainsaw for 5 seconds. And then the bully ran to a random chair, and then Sally trapped him by putting bricks on his feet. Then, she grabbed a rake that came out of nowhere, and as hard as she can, and the bully's head went flying off, and then she grabbed straws from the ground. She then put a straw in the bully's eyes, and the bully's eye started to bleed. And then Sally said ''WHO'S THE JOKER NOW?''

My friend LOVED violence, so he clapped, I loved violence too, but I was shocked. My friend then said C'mon, don't you like violence too? And showed the clock thing, but the girl who was on the clock looked sad. And then it showed Sally at her house, having her breakfast, no dad anywhere. Then she went to her room to watch TV. She watched the news and the News guy said this:

An 8 year old kid has been killed. His head was found in the basement.

And then it showed Sally packing up for her stuff for school. Then the clock thing showed up again. Sally was at school. It went to her teacher. She was talking about World War 2. But then she said YOU DID IT SALLY

Then Sally started going insane. Then she grabbed the teacher's pointer stick. And the teacher said 'Sally, what are you doing?' And then Sally stabbed her eye with the pointer, and the other kids in the classroom screamed, too loud, but surprisingly, our parents did not hear it. And then a voice said Lockdown,lockdown,lockdown! And the kids were crying. And then, in Sally's vision, she saw the kids heads stare at her and the kids were saying 'MURDER'. And then Sally grabbed a long,sharp pencil, and stabbed one of the kid's chest. And then she got a chainsaw out of nowhere and cutted off 4 kids' heads, before she killed the fifth one, the police came in and then arrested her. Then after that, it showed Sally in a stall, with her mouth taped up. And then a white mist appeared for 5 seconds, saying 'WHY?' And then Sally whispered 'I love you so much that I want to chop your head off and look at it everyday.'

And then the credits, just with a green background and red text appeared, but a girl was heard crying, the same one who said Sally at the beginning. After the credits, the DVD player crashed. I went on Roku and then my friend said that it was awesome. I pretended to agree, after my friend left, I went on Netflix to watch Pokemon Indigo League and tried to forget the early pilot of Sally Bollywood.

I have been having nightmares of the kids that got killed and they were saying ''You did not save us''