NOTE: This has similarities to Squidward's Suicide.

Remember the anime Sailor Moon it was based of a manga series. However there was an episode written between episode 35 and 36. It was called Raye's Suicide. It was never aired due to violent content and killing, suicide, horrid images, and blood.

I used to work at Toonami from 2000 to 2006. However I quit my job because It got boring after a while, though I remember this one night in 2004 when I was leaving the Toonami studio building I saw a vhs tape in front of my car. It was labled Sailor Moon unaired episode. I got curious and the next morning I popped it in my VCR player. The intro started normally. The title card was labeled Raye's Suicide in blood red. I was confused but I kept going. The episode started with Raye practicing guitar for the talent show at Serena's house. Raye then said "I'll win the talent show prize Serena." Serena then said "Well good luck."

It then cut to the talent show and Raye appeared on stage. She started playing a peaceful tune but the audience had red realistic eyes and some people said "Boo you suck." and "This hurts my ears." Everyone then started leaving and Raye had those realistic eyes like in the crowd.

It cut to Raye crying on her bed in a realistic way. Then a frame appeared but it only stayed for a split second. I rewinded the tape and what I saw made me threw up on my floor. It was an image of a dead child no older than 6 stripped down to his underwear and had one eye dangling from his face. He was lying dead on what looked like a road looking like he had been run over by a car. I could also see a shadow of what looked like the photographer, he looked like he was responsible for the kids death. Then it cut to an image of Raye with blood dripping from her eyes and was in a grayscale. Screams were heard in the background. Then it cut to another dead child looking like the first one but it was a girl and she was completely naked and had no eyes. It then cut to Raye on the bed with a gun in her hand crying. A russian voice says "Do it." Raye shoots herself and it showed a photo realistic image of Raye dead. The last scene was Raye's funeral and everyone is there. The credits roll all lisiting "Writer Naoko Takeuchi.

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