A 12-year-old American gamer named Greg Sage reportedly disappeared in May 22, 2009 after playing a strange Sonic game. Greg was my best friend. I was at his house with the police on May 24. When I was looking for him, I looked in his trash can, which was kinda dumb in the first place. And there was a cartridge. It had the words Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on the top, but the picture was way different. It had a blue background, some Japanese text that says Sonic Cry when translated to English. There was another Japanese text saying Sega on the bottom, but the Mega Drive label was english, and there was a Sonic picture. It was a picture of Sonic crying, but I KNEW the crying Sonic head was ripped from DeviantART. I thought about playing it, I thought it was a ROM hack. but I felt someone weird might happen on the game, so I got a police officer to watch me play the game to check it. The police officer was Arthur Pires.

After that, Arthur drove me to my house. I brought the cartridge, of course.

When we were at my house, I went to the living room where my Sega Genesis was, and then I popped it in. But something wrong happened. Everytime when I put the cartridge in, an illegal instruction happened everytime, when I tried cleaning it, nothing happened. After 2 minutes, I thought of putting the game on my PC and play it on Kega Fusion. It was a bin file. After putting the game on Kega Fusion for like a hour or so, I finally got to play it. It started with a Sega screen, just with the Sega logo and a black background, no SEGAAA sound. After 7 seconds, it started with the Sonic 2 title screen, Tails was not there. I pressed start for some reason. It went to Emerald Hill Act 1, Just with Sonic alone. However, Sonic had a lack of shading. I noticed I had 5 lives instead of 3. I thought it was just a bootleg that just changed the title and the lives. But the music was slowed down a little. Kinda sounded relaxing. There were no badniks, so it was easier. After completing Act 1, then I reached to the end of Act 2. However, instead of the drill car boss, there was a bunch of animals jumping on the grass. I called Arthur here. Then, after walking around a bit, the grass just changed into one small platform. And all of the animals fell. The exploding sound effect after beating a boss was heard. And then, the grass on that one platform changed from green to black. The background became a red shade with a black sky. And then Sonic went into a crying animation. One of the Super transform animations with legs/feet from the standing sprite. When I pressed right, Sonic just jumped and fell thru the platform. He did the normal death.

And then after Sonic died on his 5th life, he went to Metropolis Zone Act, which was what the title card said. It was really Scrap Brain in a box, with a skull, and an electric thing. Sonic was looking at the screen,of course, he looked sad, which was not like the Sonic CD or 3 Looking Front sprite, or the waiting animation. Just a sprite I never seen before. It was playing some glitched music. And after a few seconds, the electric thingy started doing electric balls, I tried doing a spindash. It worked somehow. Then a white flash appeared with the sound effect from jumping into a giant ring in Sonic 1. Then it when to a black screen. And then text popped up with the Sonic 2 Font for Sonic and Tails Present text said: Aren't you clever? After that message, it went to Casino Night Zone. The background was normal, and so were the floors. It was a path with a slot machine part. I could not jump for some reason. Sonic seemed sadder. Tails was there and HE can jump, and Tails even had shading. When I reached the slot machine part. Sonic stood still and Tails jumped into it by himself. The other part went to 3 Robotniks. And then when the spikeballs hit Tails, he became redder and redder.

After that, it cut to a black screen. I tried to exit Kega Fusion, but it didn't work. Then it went to a Zone called RIP Zone. It had a black background with a no floor. There were some gray shadings of sprites, like Sonic, it also had no music. However, there were spikes behind Sonic. By himself, Sonic jumped into the spikes. Then he did the normal death again. After that, it went back to that zone. But now, the spikes disappeared. Sonic had the spines when he was Super in S2/3K. After walking around a bit, Tails' dead body was laying on the ground, even know it was gray shaded, it looked like his body with only one arm, his ears ripped, and one of his hairs also. I walked some more, I found the skeletons of the dead animals that fell in Emerald Hill earlier. After walking past the dead animals, some text appeared on the bottom, this is what it said:

"This is the fate of everything if I do not succeed..."

"I was not fast enough to save all of these animals..."

"Is this what nothing is like?"

After when that text appeared, a black hand grabbed Sonic. That black hand looked like Robotnik's. Then Sonic sank into the ground by that tiny hand. Then it went to Death Egg Zone. It looked like it was buried underground, it was rusty and it had some fire. Through the hallways, there was Silver Sonic's parts. Then there was the Death Egg Robot, looking like it did in Sonic 2. There were no rings, I had only one life. But what happened to the second one? Anyways, there were spikes popping up from the floor every 3 seconds.

Ok, well here is a choice of endings you can choose:


Choose one. (When the links come)

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