It was my Sister's birthday. My birthday passed and I had a gift card.  I was at Toys R Us shopping for Angry Birds things. I found a Thomas and Friends DVD on the floor. When I opened it, I saw a disc that said with bland marker "SUPER MARIO" Now I was thinking that this was awkward "How can a Mario game be in a Thomas DVD?" So I got home, got my things out, and got the DVD out. I put the DVD in my computer. The disc successfully opened on my computer. I found a Super Mario World ROM on that disc along with a text file called "3" The text file said "Do not even play this game. This Super Mario World game could harm your computer." Now I was thinking "Wait a second, isn't this MARIO all over again?" So I opened up the game in SNES9X and there was the intro. Then when I opened File 1, I saw Mario in blood red. The message box began as usual, but at the end, the beginning was reversed. Then I got to Yoshi's House. Instead of it saying Yoshi's House, it said something like this:


The mixed message.



The map.

For some thing, on the mapscreen, Mario looked sort of like Greenie Mario (a character from Greeny Phatom spinoff "Greenie Mario's World" or something like that). I went into Yoshi's House and then found a blank level with bland grass. Then i also saw the message block. It had the ghost house message. I then later went to Level 1. It had the second Message Block for some reason. Instead of the thing about holding shells, it had this message:


Then a swarm of Banzai Bills came running at me. I died. Then I went to Level 2.It had no enemies. When I got to the box where Yoshi was, another message popped up:

(Wakko, Finn/Jake, Qoo (replaced with Mario if i can't get him), Wreck it Ralph vs Toro, Marge, Buster Bunny, Gumball)


I was puzzled. "Why was this on there? Isn't this a lineup for a MUGEN 4v4 Battle?" I thought. So I kept playing. When I got to the half-way line, an army of spinies came at me. This was weird. They came raging at me. I became Small Mario. The spinies still were at me. I spin jumped, this took care of them. After a while, a P-Balloon came at me and now I was fat. I kept eating P-Balloons and I got fatter. I reached the goal line. I got a mushroom. Then I went to Level 3. I got stuck in coin hail. Then, it was my off time (1 hr). After my off time, I restarted the game. I got a bloody picture of Mario dying with the Game Over music playing in the background. The ROM got deleted and I could never play it again.