Hello. I going to tell a creepypasta okay?

One day I was at Goodwill trying to find some Spongebob toys for my collection but right next to a bendable Squidward figure was a VHS tape saying "S-Bob-S-Pant" And then a tiny text saying "666-SPONGEBOB UNAIRED FINALE-666" It was horrifing but i knew I had to do it.

When I got back from Goodwill, I put the VHS in my VHS player and hit "PLAY"

Then the Spongebob intro came. There was no singing and Spongebob was missing. At the end when Spongebob was going to whistle at the logo, The whistle was loud and distored and it was a toy synth sound than a whistle from his nose.

The episode said: "Spongebob's Krusty Tales" and it started with Spongebob frying up some Krabby Patties. Then Mr. Krabs came in and in a high pitched voice said "ME MONEY BANK IS ON 666$ BOY!" Then Spongebob said "Why?" Then it staticed for 2 seconds then Mr. Krabs said "Your'e FIRED!!!!" Then it staticed again this time for a whopping 10 seconds. Then it showed a picture of Spongebob with Hyper Realistic Dialating eyes from the Klasky Csupo logo in "RUGRATS - LOST EPISODE.avi" and then Spongebob cried. Not like cartoony but Tom Kenny actully crying if like his loved one died. This lasted for 10 seconds then it staticed for 5 seconds and then Spongebob hanged himself. Then the next part, Squidward comes in and starts partying in Spongebob's house with his roommates. Patrick sees this and commits himself suicide too inside of Spongebob's house by saying 666 10 times. Then it staticed AGAIN for 3 seconds and we see Patrick is hanged. Then the music was the Spongebob theme but reversed and low pitched. Then we see a scary CGI face of Mr. Krabs with him saying "You're Fired!" 10 times then a satanic voice that sounds like Ms. Puff comes in and says "666" 20 times before it got ended with 2 minutes of static. And I discovered that was the whole episode.

I could never forget that moment.


I started to love the cartoon Adventure Time than Spongebob and I got rid of the VHS once for all.

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