Lots of parts is inspired by Red Mist, but not all is.

Hello, my name is Maxwell. I am 17 years old.

It all started when I got a new mail. As I went out the door to the newspaper (Needless to say, it was 4 A.M.) and what I had seen was a VHS tape named Rocco's Suicide. I said to my self:

Weird. I don't recall a episode being named this way.

As I insert the VHS into my player, The intro is playing. It cuts to the titlecard which said:

Black Mist

Although, it was supposed to be named Rocco's Suicide.

It starts out decently with Rocco appearing to paint a picture. He went outside peacefully, saying:

Ahhh, what a beautiful day!

Then what appears to happen isn't that bad, but could be, very needless to say, He got hit by a newspaper, located in the head. He says something like:

Ow! Don't throw that at me!

The news boy who passed that out to Rocco said Sorry sir.

10 minutes later

It cuts to Rocco in his home, needless to say, naked and rubbing his nipples (weird right?) He grabs a shotgun, and kills himself.

Then the screen turns black then it cuts to Rocco with hyper realistic eyes then its cut to a picture with a very scary picture of Rocco buts it's just color bars and static noises and hacking. Then it show Rocco dead on the floor with his head cracked open with blood and the VHS ended with Color bars so I pop the VHS out and break it so it can be never seen so if you see a VHS called Rocco's suside stay away from it