Hello my name is maxwell I am 17 years old I went out the door to the newspaper because it was 4 am and what I also saw was a VHS called Rocco's suside and I said to my self weird so I pop the VHS into my VHS player and the movie began the title card was called black mist but VHS was name Rocco's suside so it starts out with Rocco painting a picture then went outside and said ahhhhh what a beautiful day then he got hit by a newspaper in the head he said ouch will you cut it out then the news boy said sorry sir then pop out a 10 minutes later sign shows up then it cuts to Rocco in His home naked and rubbing his nipples then he gets a shotgun and kills himself then the screen turns black then it cuts to Rocco with hyper realistic eyes then it's cut to a picture with a very scary picture of Rocco buts it's just color bars and static noises and hacking then it show Rocco dead on the floor with his head cracked open with blood and the VHS ended with Color bars so I pop the VHS out and break it so it can be never seen so if you see a VHS called Rocco's suside stay away from it

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