You know that show on Nickelodeon called Robot and Monster? Well, recently I found a lost episode. This is what happened:

I was on Amazon looking for Robot and Monster episodes, when I came across an episode with no title. I bought it.

The title card read "GaRt".

The episode began with Monster playing anxiously in his room, with the expression like he had just seen a ghost. The camera shot switched to an angled shot, so I could see out of Monster's door. I vaguely saw the shadow of Gart walking down the hallway with the machete in his hands. Ogo flew into the room and quickly warned Monster and they attempted to run away. However, Gart, having burst through the door, frantically tried to get Monster.

He threw the knife at Monster, but horribly missed and instead, gouged out Ogo's eye. Ogo lets out a throat-shredding scream as blood poured out furiously. Robot, somehow oblivious to what had just happened to Ogo, ran away. Monster, ran to downtown, tried to find a telephone to call the police.

Upon picking up the payphone, he suddenly he saw a familer person. It was Uncle Cuffly telling Monster to get away but he was pulled into the darkness. Monster shut his eyes and tried to wake himself up, as if he was in a dream. Then he saw Robot and Ogo's dead bodies all rusted and ruined. Without warning, Monster's eyes became bloodshot red and binary code flashed across the screen. Then the ending credits showed. I hastily looked up the binary code, to horrifyingly discover what the message was.

"He was first, you are next. When you see the red light, your life will be over."

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