I Was A Big Fan Of Robot and Monster I Had The Episodes On Bootleg DVDs... One Day I Decided To Watch One of The Episodes; I Found One... Off... It was labeled "Episode 0: The Preying soul of Robot Default (UNAIRED PILOT EPISODE RARE!" I Decided to watch it. The Episode Opened with the normal Intro and Then A clip From "Ogo's friend" played with Lucy's first appearance; Ogo Instead Goes with Robot, Lucy takes Out hardcore Gun and Kills Robot, Ogo tackles Lucy and manges to Suffacate her; Lucy Falls Down Next to Robot; Ogo Grabs Monster's Co*k and rips it off; Ogo Takes A drill and Drills Monster's Head "DOUBLEKEEL!!!" And Then f#%ks him in Robot and Monster Style Then Takes A Gun And Shot himself; "TRIPLEKEEL!!!" Then The Projector gets "OGO IS LOVE, OGO IS LIFE" burned all ogre it... I tried telling Nickeledeon But They Don't listen they say "I love rule 34 sh*t" and then hang up... This is real... I swear... I'm not craz94930390393090430943

sorry for that, that guy is being taken to the hospital... 

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