Well, we all know the ROBLOX and it's still don't have a movie yet, but there's are some horror, superhero, etc. movies around here and there was a fake goanimate ROBLOX the movie full movie. One day, I got a package from the mailman and discovered what's inside, it was a DVD of Roblox the Movie written in a black marker.

I went ahead, put it in my DVD player. The DVD menu was normal, but.. A FLOATING ISLAND ON THE MAP? A FLOATING ISLAND? ON THE MAP? So there was a floating island. And there was one option saying PLAY. I pressed on it and ready to watch this. I was like Awesome!.

The movie started in a grassy field.

The sky was all Red. and DanTDM was walking around. Everything was a grassy field. A grassy old field. Then out of the blue, i saw EthanGamerTV's corpse, and he said "CORPSE OF THIS FATE WHO PLANS TO GET REVENGE SOMEDAY." Then, DanTDM fell of a pit. He died. The screen was black with distorted music with the words "(C) 2017 ROBLOX Corp." in blood red. I took the DVD out, and put it in a Trash Can.

If you see the DVD, you might just wanna stay away from it.