Does anyone know a game called "Roblox"? The one that people think is a virus? Well, when you sign up, you will have one friend named "Builderman". Most people think he's just a computer, but in reality, he's a hacker and stalker. Don't believe me? There are millions of people who warn you about Builderman. Some people say that the person who made roblox had a brother, and that's who Builderman is. I recommend you delete Builderman as a friend immediately.

A Story

When I was little, I had a roblox account. Of course, my first friend was Builderman. I kept thinking that he was a good guy.

I was wrong.

My laptop glitched up Like no other, my photos disappeared, and I couldn't access the Internet. Something occurred to me as my home screen for roblox changed BIG time. The banner ad was just "Roblox " with blood dripping down the letters. My avatar had a sad yet scary expression of depression. There were black bags under her eyes and she was frowning and it was drooping off her face. But the thing that really scared me was the background. A demonic Builderman Was in front of the camera, and from what I saw, other famous avatars were hanging behind him. Blood was everywhere, and it looked real. I carried on, hoping that this was a sick joke. All of the maps were just a jumble of letters. And the creators of the maps were either "he's there" or "help us, he's a lie". I chose the one that was SUPPOSED to be "survive the disasters" and watched to see what would happen. But the map I entered was not "Survive the disasters " at all. The map begun with a red text and a black background that said, "Ready? -guest666". I then spawned in a darkened city that looked a lot like the one from suicidemouse.avi. I was in a first - person view of my character. From about 20 ft. away, there was, in my view, a hole. I started running to the hole and jumped in. There was a short cut scene of my avatar falling down the hole. I am then brought to a world where everything was burning. I later found out that it was supposed to be hell. I proceeded to walk forwards. After about 30 seconds I finally hit a dead end. Another cut scene began as I turned around. I literally jumped at this part. A black figure quickly floated towards me, and when he touched me, the screen turned black and a blood - curdling scream was heard.

Round 2

I was still trying to recover from the huge jumpscare that just happened about a minute ago. The game brought me back to the title screen, and everything was like when it began. Then I noticed something that scared the crap out of me.

Builderman was missing.

Well, that tiny fact put me into a panic attack, and I couldn't stop it, either. Eventually, I calmed down (20 minutes to calm down) and clicked the "family" map. Most of the things in there were clichéd, until the gold zombie fight. Now my only weapon was a rocket launcher. I was happy because I figured out that every level gave you some sort of weapon. I won the level and earned some robux and some tix. I ended up going to the Hide and Seek server. I had to now run and hide from a ghost (pretty fast). This server gave me some ninja stars and a sword. I also won this level and earned millions of tix and robux.

Boss level (ending)

I eventually came to a close with the "Builderman boss". I thought it would be fun, but I was wrong. I was immediately assaulted with a giant, muscular Builderman. I was equipped with a lot of weapons and power ups, and I was really fast. But it wasn't easy killing him. In fact, it took me 30 seconds until I wanted to give up. I could hear other robloxians rooting for me. "Don't give up!  If you do, he will kill us all and take over roblox! " I knew I couldn't give it up yet. I knew I was the only one who could kill the virus. I jumped up and nearly broke my keyboard, hitting the keys so hard. I killed him and took the prize of being the queen of roblox.

Then 2 days later, I paid the ultimate price.

My computer broke. That meant I couldn't play on roblox anymore. But the thing that really scared me was that every night, I would hear a voice that said,


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