Roblox was the best game I ever played though I joined at 2009. When it comes to 2012 to 2013, people started quitting Roblox due to the lack of updates. So, I started to search some videos on youtube on how to get old roblox back but there were no results or just the stud texture hack. Until then, there was a message on my inbox so, I check it out.

There was a message from the user named Guest_666 saying that I should check this awesome game he found. I clicked on the link and it sends me to a mediafire link. The file was called Roblox2.exe. So, I downloaded the file and it was a zip file. I open the zip file and it contains the setup of Roblox2.exe.

I clicked on the setup and it downloaded right away until its done After that, the screen automatically when to black with DanTDM saying fresh meat really loudly. I tried to turn on the computer many times, rapidly until the tenth time, it turn on. I see that Roblox2.exe was already on the desktop so I clicked on it. It went to the startup menu.

The startup menu has Play Game, Visit Website, Quit and it had the original Roblox background. I was so surprised that this game could be the Old Roblox. The problem is that the Visit Website doesn't do anything so I press play. The game sends me to a website that looks exactly like in 2008 Roblox but it's in full screen. I found out that I was signed as a user already. The user was named Dan_wants_to_die. It was a really wierd Roblox name. The user also has a really depressed face that was realistically drawn and he had a yellow head, arms, blue torso, and green legs. I didn't really care about the user so, I went to the game section. There was only four games, which was Crossroad, Roblox World Headquarters, Thrillville, and Ultimate Paintball.

I also found that none of the games were made by users and most games are closed besides Thrillville. I click on the green play button under the game thumbnail. It was like the Old Roblox back in 2007. I was really impressed that I can play the old days of Roblox. Hardly, they weren't any users what so ever so, I walked around the whole area since most of the rides in the game were broken or not scripted. In the next 5 minutes, there was an another user playing, which was EthanGamerTV. I move my player to him but he just stands there, not talking at all even though I said hi to him. So, I ignored him and just moved on. When I looked back to see if anyones following me. EthanGamerTV was behind me. This is where I felt like something bad is going to happen.

I move my player to another location of the game, EthanGamerTV was behind me already within 5 seconds. I also found out that the report button does nothing. I try to move away from the player but EthanGamerTV keeps following me everywhere. Then, there was another player called EvantubeHD but I didn't want to go take a look on what he looks like because he might follow me again. I wanted to quit the game but there was no exit button. I try to move my player away from him. Now this time, Both EthanGamerTV and EvantubeHD were following me. Things start to get even crazier in every step my player takes. Instead, I just stand there in within 3 minutes. EthanGamerTV talked finally and he said "hey".

I chat with EthanGamerTV saying that why he was following me. EthanGamer said a really disturbing message. He said this "R0bLOx UsErs HaVe BeEn WaTcHeD iN wHicH ThEir SoUl Is TAkIng In yOuRsElf". It's like it was written by a toddler but the message was really disturbing. I press exit immediately, now it works finally. Now, I found out that Crossroad is opened now. I press the green button to play as usual. Maybe, the game can go back to normal now. Instead of Crossroad, I was at an another place called Roblox World Headquarters. It also doesn't have any users. When I looked at my character, the character is more depressed and his skin is all grey like he was at a funeral. Within 5 seconds, the music started playing. The music was paranormal and depressing. The place was darken also. Then, another user appeared, which was named DanTDM.

The player DanTDM was all black and had a dead face in which was drawned realistically. I also didn't know that there was no weapons in the game. DanTDM said that he wants me to duel him. A yes or no box appeared, I pressed Yes and we have weapons finally.

EthanGamerTV and DanTDM were spawned at Crossroad, the map that was suppose to be playing. However, the only weapon I had was a sword while DanTDM has the rocket launcher. Which was unfair because the sword is weak and the rocket launcher is the best. I killed DanTDM for like 3 times already because the rocket was really slow that it was easily dodgeable. DanTDM said a really disturbing message but this time, it had correct grammar. He said this "You are dead, along with me. Now, we're both brothers" and then he quit the game. Now the screen was shaking and the screen was turning red. I couldn't take the screen anymore that I nearly got a headache. I couldn't even move my character at all. Not even the exit button works due to the shaking screen.

This stayed like this for 20 minutes. distorted music was playing in the background and radio noises can be heard from the background. The radio sounded like the two guys were arguing but I couldn't understand what they were saying. After that, it focuses on EthanGamerTV, my players, face for 10 minutes with creepy sounds that sounded like thunder. After that, it quit the game and the error message came up saying that Roblox2.exe had stopped working. So, I shut my computer down to take a break from all this madness. The next day, I went to see if I can play the game again. Maybe, the game can run normal like the original Roblox. Until then, Roblox2.exe wasn't on my computer anymore.

When I was surfing the web, there was a news article saying that 5 children died after playing Roblox. I check the article out and said that most of them were sick by unknown reasons. There was a message on the teachers whiteboard. It says GOODBYE ETHANGAMERTV AND DANTDM. I realized that those words were from the players on Roblox2.exe. Whenever you see someone telling you to download and play this awesome game they found, don't ever click on the link and download it. Then, a package was from Guest_666, which was the guy who gave me the Roblox2.exe link. It was a Roblox card with a message in the code section said this: