hey,does anyone remember that old nickolodeon cartoon,ren and stimpy? it was a part of evreyone's childhood. well,i speak of a lost,unaired episode that was so fucked up,everyone who made it went insane. when i was an intern at nickolodeon studios,we got the usual ren and simpyy tape. however,there was something off about the tape. it had written in sharpie marker on it ren's suicicde. we assumed it was our imaginations and popped in the vhs. the episode skipped the intro completley,and went right to the episode. it began with ren sitting in his arm chair reading a magazine. it then cuts to the magazine. the headline read "recent rapes and murders grow to an alarming rate,15 killed,10 raped." we found this a little out of place but we continued watching it. ren then smled to himself and said,"well,i guess i buried zee bodies well,eediots". it then cut to stimpy playing golf in the kitchen. however,he broke a window. ren heard the noise and stomped. god damnit stimpy you motherfucker! said ren. i slightly jumped at this. stimpy then said,i know ren let's go kill someone to cheer you up! it then cut to stimpy cutting open muddy mudskipper's chest. it had hyper reaisticc blood. the guy next to me said,the hell? after this Ren said ,stimpy you eediot and cut open his neck. blood sprayed evreywhere. ren then procceded to kill and rape all the show's cast. after all this,he took a gun,put it to his stomach,yelled,fuck the earth and then shot sh himself,blood sprayed evreywhere. we the took the tape and threw it out behind the greek restrauntt across the street. so,if you find a tape that says,Ren's suicide,for fuck's sake DO NOT WATCH IT!

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