[This is much, much more of a sadpasta than a creepypasta to be honest, but oh well]

Has anyone else seen this video?

I'm not sure if it was official or fanmade, probably fanmade, but it was a Danny Phantom "short", (don't ask, I assume it was supposed to be like the Avatar chibi shorts) apparently never aired, but still put up on Butch Hartman's website before, according to the description.

It was called "Relighting the Flames".

I found it on YouTube, looking through my recommended videos. I saw a video called "RELIGHTING THE FLAMES-DANNY PHANTOM SHORTS". The thumbnail showed a character I barely remembered from Danny Phantom, I believe she was one of the villains from a couple episodes.

I clicked it, and the first thing in the episode was the intro, cut down into about 25 seconds. It was a short, of course. No beginning "prologue" part for the episode before the intro like a normal episode.

Then there was the title card. It had a black background with electric blue letters, and by now you know the title. There was a blue blur in the distance, the same shade as the lettering. At this point, I was convinced it was fanmade, there were no opening credits whatsoever.

The lettering slowly disappeared and it closed in on the blue thing. Green glows and purple doors appeared, revealing it was the Ghost Zone. The style was very impressive as well. More specifically, it looked like the normal DP style and a beautiful painting clashed together.

As it closed in, I heard a woman's heavy breathing get louder and louder, until the blue was revealed.

It was the girl from the thumbnail. I forgot her name, but I remembered how she hypnotized people using her music and used her guitar as a weapon. Although here, she was clutching her temples and the heavy breathing was her own.

Then, a black screen. But music began to start.

It was a lovely piano tune, though rather depressing. A woman began to sing, and I soon recognized it.

The girl's song from her debut episode! It was her song put on piano!

Soon, the background showed up. The animation was pretty as well, though a little sketchy.

The background showed a school and the ghost girl phasing up, and stepping through the leaves. The singer was singing the girl's song from her episode! She was peeking through the window as it went to "Winds blow, the dead leaves fall...".

Aside from the singing, there was no dialogue in the short whatsoever. It was beautiful animation and a sad song, and the story was told mainly by that.

Now, here's the weirdest thing. I remembered what the ghost girl's name as it got to "But you should, you should not doubt me...". I instantly thought "EMBER MCLAIN!" I scrolled down, and the comments were very similar. "Is it kinda freaky that "Ember McLain" came into my head even though I don't watch this show?" "Woah, I thought I just heard her name in my head..."

It was almost like Ember herself was haunting the video. I kept hearing her name in my head no matter how many times I watched it. Not that that stopped me, I thought that was awesome. What other video actually seems to be possessed?

The video continued, as it showed her peeking through and seeing nobody noticed her, and she walked off, until she saw a gravestone and a burnt down house.

The gravestone said "RIP Ember McLain", and there was next to nobody at her funeral.

It finally got to "Nothing but ashes remain" and it cut to her face, a combination of shock, sadness, anger and betrayal.

After that, she kneeled down in front of her own gravestone, holding her guitar, as the piano tune began to slow and stop. It finally ended with her closing her eyes and carving in the dirt "You'll all remember me..."

I was devastated. If this was fanmade, it was gorgeous and very well done. If it was official, I wondered if this was a technical "lost episode". It either gave off an amazing illusion or it was actually from Ember.

I clicked "Like" on the video, added it to my favorites, and went to the account. The account that posted it was "DANNY PHANTOM SHORTS" and this was their only video.

However, their channel was affiliated with Nick, which just made it more confusing whether it was official or fanmade. There was no description, and just a couple days later, the episode was taken down. Apparently for copyright. I thought that that would confirm it was fanmade, but then again Nick took down the original video they used as a pilot for their cartoon Breadwinners for copyright.

I wish it was still up, honestly. I couldn't believe how it seemed like Ember was hurt and was trying to tell me by the video.

But it wasn't malicious, like in the episode she debuted in. It was more like she desperately wanted at least someone to remember her.

"Nothing but ashes remain..."

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