Redwall Lost Episode Ragear's Reality

This was what he looked like

I was typing things up on my computer one day, and I said to my brother, “Why don’t we watch some Redwall?” he was excited, because we’d both loved the Redwall TV series in our childhood.

So I went on YouTube to find some Redwall episodes, and I came across one which I hadn’t heard of before, called “Ragear’s Reality.”

Ragear was a fat, stupid rat in the first season of the cartoon, who was rubbish at being a bad guy, but I always found him funny.

So I clicked on the video and it began to play. At once, I knew that something was wrong. The intro was playing backwards, and the characters looked like someone had drawn them very quickly, like they were in a hurry.

Anyway, the episode started. It was very disturbing. Mossflower Wood looked haunted. The trees were tall and dark, and the sky was dark and stormy. The camera zoomed in on Redwall Abbey, which looked like it had been abandoned.

Everything was broken and falling apart. Suddenly, three rats appeared, walking towards the Abbey. They were Cluny, Shadow and Ragear. Shadow was growling, but it wasn’t cartoon growling. It sounded very realistic.

Cluny looked up at the Abbey, and said: “Shadow, go and get the tapestry,” Shadow didn’t move. “Shadow! Did you hear what I said?” Cluny barked.

Ragear suddenly clasped his hands to his head, and began screaming. It wasn’t cartoon screaming. It was real screaming. It sounded like a girl being tortured.

Cluny stared at Ragear, shocked. “Ragear, keep it down,” he snapped. “You’ll let everybeast know we’re here.” Ragear’s reply haunted me to this day.


He then grabbed a knife from Shadow’s belt, and stabbed Cluny in the stomach. My brother and I both vomited, because Cluny’s blood looked real.

Shadow turned and fled, unlike him. Cluny screamed for help. “Shadow, please, help me! SHADOOOOWW!” There was a horrible cracking noise, and Cluny was dead.

Ragear turned to look at the screen, but his eyes were gone. Instead, he was staring at us with soulless, black sockets. “The voices told me to kill him,” he said, in a voice like a dying man.

“Why didn’t you stop me? Why do you hate me? Can’t you see how badly I’m suffering? The voices also told me to take my eyes. And guess who’s next? You.”

The episode then ended. My brother had to undergo therapy to get over the trauma, (he has special needs so it was extra hard for him) but I recovered surprisingly quickly. I wondered who had uploaded the horrific video, and when I found it again, I looked at the name of the channel. It was only one word, with only six letters, which sent a chill down my spine. "Ragear".