Redwall is a masterpiece. We all know that. But it does have a dark side, too. Sure, it has plenty of cute mice and bouncy hares to keep kids entertained, but when you read about foxes and rats plotting to kill each other, it's really not that friendly. Especially when one of the main characters gets bludgeoned to death with a candlestick.

But the TV series has some secrets as well. Why do I know about them? I was an intern at Nelvana Studios, and when they produced the episodes for the Redwall TV series, I was one of the few people who caught a glimpse of an episode which was never aired for a number of reasons.

It was entitled "The Tunnel", and centered around Cluny, the main villain, digging a tunnel under Redwall Abbey.

When it started out, it was what you'd expect from a Redwall episode; everything was as it should be. It started with Cluny ordering his army to dig a tunnel, and they began doing this, but as they worked, things began to get weird. They began to look really sad and depressed, and you could actually see tears running down the rats' faces. They weren't cartoon tears, but proper realistic tears, like they'd been photoshopped into the cartoon.

This went on for the majority of the episode, amking me and the other interns feel more and more depressed. Finally, the last few minutes came around. They were the worst. The rats emerged from their tunnel, and it was at this point that the Redwallers tipped boiling water on them, but this didn't happen.

Instead, a grenade was thrown into the tunnel, the pin having been pulled. The rats began to scream. Again, it wasn't cartoon screaming. It was real screaming. Then, they began to run away, scrambling desperately over one another, trying to get away from the weapon, but it was too late. The grenade exploded with an earsplitting bang. In fact, it was so loud that it burst the eardrums of everyone in the room, and silence engulfed us all for the rest of our lives. The next scene...was horrible. It showed the carnage inside the tunnel, the rats all reduced to tangled masses of flesh and bone. Realistic blood and bones were everywhere, and the worst part was that the few rats who were miraculously intact still had tears on their faces. 

The episode then ended. 


That was five years ago, but it still gives me nightmares. Those nightmares are the only time in which I can hear again, so I guess it isn't that bad. All the same, it is hard living with being deaf. I have a hearing aid, but it doesn't do much. After that episode was viewed by us, it was destroyed, and a new episode made in its place. So, if any of you try to find it on the internet, then you'll just end up with a crappy remake that doesn't match this story in the slightest. 

One thing that really saddens me is that the last sound I heard was the grenade, and hundreds of rats, screaming, clawing, losing the fight for their lives.