Well it has been 2 years after i saw that MLP episode. But now i found more terror with more of that episode. After i talk to my sister she hang up. I recalled her but she wasn't there. But what whas there was a woman. She said "SHE'S DONE FOR!!! AND YOU WILL BE DONE SOON!!!" And hang up. "My sister is dead?!" At that point i was crying. But there was a ring in my door. And whats is there is VHS tape named "RARITY'S DONE FOR" "No! NO NO NO NO!!!" I screamed in fear i tryed to call the police but the phone exploded. The tape was in my VCR. I have to watch it. The episode starts with the same intro from the rarity’s batroom episode but it said “Rarity’s Bathroom…2” “Another one?! I yelled. Then it shows a bathroom for 40 seconds. Red flashing lights start to happen. But it’s funny. The blood looks like bad ms paint animations in youtube. Then it cuts to rarity stanging in her room. With eyes that looks almost real. She walk into the camera with thoes real eyes. She smiled at me. Watching every move. Then it shows sweetie belle dead in a cave. This scene has a very bad quality here. Then the same eyes for the first one suddenly appeared in front of sweetie belle. I got so scared I tried to turn it off but it wont. Then the nexts scene comes. Rarity was walking in the middle of no where. With twilight with no head or legs, Rainbow dash with her eyes blown out of her head, Fluttershy’s body parts are gone. Aplejack’s hat was full of flesh and her body is a color of red, Pinkie is not smiling she was crying. Her mouth was vominting black oz and her hair is a color of gry and her eyes are balck and red, Then rarity stopped to see herself. Then she said “WHO ARE YOU?!?!” The the other one said “You are done for…DONE FOR!!!!!!!” Then the same screamer from the first then the episode ends. Man I've never been so scared In my entire life. After I right this I have to find something to destroy that tape! Well….Goodbye…..I think I hear my sister’s voice…..