Hello everyone. Today I found a DVD of MLP! I thought yay!!!! But, I put it on the computer was corrupted like heck. Also, it's like my glitch sounds I can make. And it looks like jumbos of colors and static. Sometimes there is a couple frames of Rainbow Dash hidden in the static. But she is dead with blood pouring out of her head. It just wasn't right.

The Story: It all started on a cool nice summer day, and I was messing around in my room. Randomly when I found a disc, and it had the MLP: FIM cover on it, like the one disc hunter gave me at my school, but I didn't want it because it would ruin my life. But, what if that disc had a bootleg episode in it? I am going to ask hunter to give it to me and I will see if its a DVD like a MLP episodes pack. And I will try to find any bootlegs in it. Well this cover had just the exact same one. But when I put it in, it showed it like it would on regular DVDs. But in this case, it looked like a VHS tape. And it was messed up. So I went to the selection or whatever and it showed only one. It said "Rainbow Dash" .......just Rainbow Dash eh? I thought it was the introduction of her, but when I played it, it was just plain static for a minute. Then it cut to reversed music!? Like I said in the comment of Applejack's Corruption that I had a theory there was a bootleg version of this. I Haven't went back to the comment yet, I will when I get time. Rainbow Dash was flying around like she was hyper like heck. She was, but Twilight was..........depressed like something horrible had happened. She was crying. But the only creepy thing about this is she's laying on the floor like she fell. She was crying realistically, "HELP ME" she was saying. All the other ponies ask "did you trip?" She answers yes. They help her up, but all the other ponies except for Twilight who tripped over someth- OW I just cut myself. Ok tripped over something. And Rainbow Dash didn't care until all the ponies including Twilight was screaming her name. Rainbow Dash gets pulled down from Twilight's magic, and says "What we're you thinking!? I just tripped over a rock!" "Oops! Sorry, I wasn't paying attention, I'm just so excited for joining The Wonderbolts!!" "Well, in that case. CONGRATS RAINBOW DASH!!!!" They screamed. "Thank you." Then the scene cuts to a familiar scene. It was from "Wonderbolt Academy" and it showed Pinkie Pie, constantly checking her mailbox. I mean really Pinkie? It's not gonna appear outta thin nowhere! Well what should've happened is Pinkie saying something. But that didn't happen, instead, it just showed her sobbing uncontrollably. Realistically. "OH MY FIDDLESTICKS!" She sobs. "Awwww don't worry, she just has to finish joining the wonderbolts." Applejack replies. Then it cuts to static for a fraction of a second. And it shows Rainbow Dash quitting. But, something didn't seem right. She now has red realistic eyes and blood pouring from them. She didn't talk at all. Spitfire just sat there. Shocked then after a good creepy 2 minutes of it the DVD starts corrupting and glitch noises are heard. 5 minutes later after it. It shows Rainbow Dash having a challenge of throwing chainsaws. "C'mon! This is epic! What do you have to lose Dash?" She gulps. "Uhhhhhh, I think I have to go! Cya in a second!" And goes off. Thankfully, she seceded and didn't die. No blood and gore. But the screen was now staticky. The scene now shows a awful VHS tape style part. With tiny VHS glitches and realistic static sounds. Like it sounds like its not coming from the speaker it's realistic. This does often happen with regular screwed up VHS's. "girls, I need a word with you." "Is there a problem Dash?" "They-they-they are challenging us to juggle chainsaws!" "OH NO!!! NOT CHAINSAWS!!! YOU CAN'T DO IT, YOU CAN'T!!!" sobbing uncontrollably. "I have to, for the Wonderbolts!" Then she flies off. "Goodbye. Rainbow Dash. You have been around us for a while." The scene glitches. And it stops. I thought is there part 2? I am now startled. There is now part 2 it starts with a terrible glitch noise. A title card pops up saying "Previously On My Little Pony" as usual if it's split up in multiple parts. But glitches after 2 seconds and it cuts to a poor quality of Rainbow Dash juggling chainsaws. "Hey, it's not that bad! I can do this!" After she gets distracted "Hey Rainbow Dash!" "Huh? AHHHHH!!!" I didn't want to look, but I had to. It shows her being split into half with blood and gore. Which made almost made me throw up. And all the ponies mummer for a second. After that, "OH MY GOSH!" Firespit screams, "What have I done!? I've gotta hide this before anyone sees it!" She takes the half and flies off. We don't get to see the scene because it starts glitching again. After a good 2 minutes it shows Spitfire flying down to them "I've got a bad feeling about this." Twilight says. Fires put is seen crying uncontrollably. It shows a blank background for a split second. With text. Hex text. I copied and pasted it and used this website to convert hex into text. It says this: Rainbow Dash is dead. That's all it said. "Did she survive?" "No." They all start crying uncontrollably. And it glitches hard. Then it shows nothing but glitching for the whole video. Until it ended. It then closed. And my computer blue screened. I popped out the disc and ripped it apart and put a marker on it saying "THIS DISC IS" and for the other part "NOT GOOD DESTROY IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE." And I threw it in the garbage. I never saw that again.

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