Did you think Rainbow Dash had a friend? Well, she did. Only i found a mediafire download, saying "rainbowdash'sfriend.mp4" as always it would be mp4 files, i got confused, Rainbow has a friend!? I clicked download, and waited for 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes, i clicked on it to play it. And i projected it on my HDMI cord and played it. The intro played.....but something wasn't right.......the intro was playing in reverse.... i thought oh shit, another lost episode the episode started with Rainbow's house, and i was scared, then worried. Because i heard crying. But not your original cartoon crying, it was realistic, as if Ashleigh Ball lost a family member. The only time i've ever seen her almost cry is in the episode "The Last Roundup" Almost cried i mean, sorry. It cuts to her crying inside her house. 
IMG 20140721 033803

Possible screencap from the episode.

And she stays crying. Until it cuts to Twilight and her inside the house. Well, not. Before she comes in, Twilight is seen sleeping. Then, Rainbow Dash bursts into the door, causing Twilight to wake up. She then has an o on her mouth, "Rainbow Dash! What's wrong?" She asks, and she stops crying, she says "My-my-my" "Your what?" She asks "My-my friend passed away!" Twilight starts crying uncontrollably, and i thought, this isnt about Rainbow Dash's friend, this was-was Cry Baby Lane 2! only i think they said it was movie? I thought the post on this wikia said it was a spongebob lost episode! The scene cuts to Rainbow Dash walking, like from the red mist clip 2 but the shot goes for 10 seconds and she is now seen looking at a picture of her friend. And now, what seemed as Sony Vegas Pro static, but it didn't show the blue preset, it was just line sync static, very low. Then it showa the picture, and it's her and her friend she now takes it with her, and the scene cuts to black. She is now seen in her house, but she is crying. It lasted for 5 minutes. After the creepy 5 minutes of the pony crying, she grabs a rope, hangs it up on the celing, and cuts to static, the scene now shows a still image of her dead hanging from the rope. Then it ends. I wanted to delete it, but it didn't i lived with the file on my tablet. And went on with my life.