This may have similarities of Minions Lost Mini-Movie: Killing Toon Link, so don't yell "CURSE YOU!!! YOU COPIED THE MINIONS LOST MINI MOVIE CREEPYPASTA!!! >:O". By the way, this was made for fun, not to scare you.


Does anyone remember Rabbids Invasion, that show on Nickelodeon? Well, there was one time. Nickelodeon ACCIDENTALLY aired the episode that was NEVER aired on TV. Also, Geo Guy was supposed to appear in this episode.

Also, Nickelodeon did not own Geo Guy, he belongs to Universal. You may be thinking yourself, "Why did Nickelodeon need Geo Guy?".

Well, everyone likes playing Universal games, but someone didn't like Geo Guy. Geo Guy is just a stupid guy who messes around and no one knows about him. Parents didn't flood Nickelodeon, but workers from Universal did.

A few people know it and it never got to YouTube due to copyright reasons. Don't post it on YouTube or else you will get a copyright claim from Nickelodeon and maybe Universal. Last night, I saw it.

When I was playing Sonic Unleashed on my PS3, my mom opened the door and handed me a package. Oh, I didn't remember you buying this! But, okay! This must be the present from my mom.

It was a blank DVD with "Rabbids 침략, 에피소드 79, 지오 남자의 죽음" written on it in marker. I couldn't understand Korean and I went to Google Translate. When I got there, it said "Rabbids Invasion, Episode 79, The Death of Geo Guy".

Geo Guy? GEO GUY?! Geo Guy was not supposed to be in Rabbids Invasion! It become clear to me that it was a unaired Rabbids Invasion episode.

I slammed the disc into my Xbox 360 DVD Drive and began to watch the episode play. At first, there was 15 minutes of static and then the intro played, but it didn't seem right. The animation looked very rough like it wasn't finished yet.

Also the audio was pitched down two octaves and was very distorted. After the intro, the episode's name was shown. The episode was called "The Death of Geo Guy". I had never seen the murder of the character like that! Well, I continue watching. The episode starts out with the Rabbids, planning to kill Geo Guy. The screen went static for a minute before going to the scene of Geo Guy going to the Rabbids' room.

The Rabbids then came and said "GEOGU-!" and then they attacked him. Geo Guy looked around and he saw someone that resembles the Rabbid... pulling out the knife? Rabbids not supposed to have knifes!

They then killed Geo Guy, you can hear Geo Guy's yelling. Besides, it was NOT Geo Guy's yelling, it was real. The Rabbids began to laugh.

The screen went black for a minute, then it flashed a very disturbing image of Geo Guy, his eyes were pitch black with blood dripping, his legs ripped off and had cuts on his body.

He then spoke: "Why? Why didn't you save me? Why? WHY?". He began crying as the camera zooms out. Instead of the credits rolling, there was a black screen with white text saying:

"You couldn't save Geo Guy, this was all your fault, so Jea put him in a hole and guess what. You're next".

I then took the DVD out and smashed it in half.

Wow, I never watched a cartoon like that.

Nickelodeon, you will pay this for stealing Geo Guy!

Now guys, if you see a DVD labeled: "Rabbids 침략, 에피소드 79, 지오 남자의 죽음", just destroy it, for crying out loud!

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