I was a very big fan of Roblox, a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). I was pretty bad at sword fighting, so I was trying to find a good hack. I was browsing the internet for a hack and I saw one called The Block Of Death. I clicked it out of curiosity and I saw it was a brick that you could place and if you stepped on it, it would have gave you god mode. It also said a weird thing at the end:

“.uoy rof emoc lliw tI” I realized it was “It will come for you.” written backwards. I ignored it and installed the hack. When I installed it I tried it out a few times on Sword Fight On The Heights original by Shedletsky and it worked. I placed the brick, stepped on it and my health bar disappeared. I was happy about it until one day. I was playing SFOTH again and I was using the hack. I placed the brick but this time when I stepped on the brick I died and didn’t respawn. Instead my game crashed and a message box appeared on my screen. It said “You ignored the message. I had warned you”. The text looked like it was written in blood. I closed the text box and joined another server on SFOTH. This time when I placed the hacked brick and stepped on it, my screen went all black and my computer’s screen appeared to be cracking from the sides. I was freaked out and I ran away from the cracking computer. I went to my best friend’s house to tell him. We both came back to my house to check what happened to the computer. When we came there we were stunned. The computer was all messed up and next to it there was a piece of paper that said “The brick is unleashed, death is near” Both me and my friend were feeling stupid because we were freaked out by a brick but, it was pretty scary to find your computer all messed up when you know it was in a better condition when you left. I went to my friend’s house to play some some Roblox. We played for an hour or so. It was getting late so I went back home. I went to bed.

The next day I went downstairs to the kitchen to get me something to eat for breakfast. I made me a sandwich with some orange jam. I went to the kitchen table to eat my sandwich when my friend called me. I answered and asked him what happened. He told me to come quickly. I dropped my sandwich and ran over to my friend’s house. I didn’t even have to get on the pathway to his house to almost trip. I froze in place when I saw my friend’s cat torn into pieces on the gravel pathway. The cat’s legs where broken into pieces, her eyeballs were dilated and hanging out. It’s intestines where spread on the gravel. I asked my friend what then fuck was going on and he told me he was going to the supermarket to get some milk for his cat when he found the cat lying dead on the pathway. He told me that he also found a cube next to the cat and he brought it inside to examine it. He called me so we both see what the hell was wrong with that cube and how it could do such thing. We called someone to pick up the cat’s corpses and get them to a hospital. They opened up the cat… well the rest of the cat because it’s stomach was already torn to pieces, to see if they could find anything helpful but, they didn’t find anything.

I studied the cube a little more and realized that the cube looked exactly the same as the brick from the hack I got from the internet. I told my friend and he said that can’t be, but, I knew for sure the brick looked the same as the cube we found next to the cat. I went home and spent my day browsing the internet to see if this hack also did this to others but I found nothing. I went to bed but I didn’t sleep. At about 5:30 I finally fell asleep. A few minutes later I felt a pain in my stomach, like someone was trying to rip it open. I opened my eyes and I looked down at my stomach to see what was going on. I turned on my table lamp and I saw that there was a cube on my stomach, and I was bleeding. I tried to scream but I couldn’t because I was stunned by the sighting. I tried to get up but then I realized with horror that my legs were also gone and I was bleeding really bad. I tried to crawl away but, the cube somehow got next to me. I gave up. I knew I was gonna die. I closed my eyes and waited for the last thing I was gonna ever feel... the pain… 

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