I absolutely loved ROBLOX and Friends when I was a kid and had collected every single robloxian there is. But this one DVD that I bought changed it all.......

It all started when I was bored. I want to get out of my house and drive my way into the totem mall. Then, I spotted a ROBLOX and Friends DVD in a store. I paid my 1 dollar and drove back home. I thought to myself, "Time to relive my memories."

After I opened the box, it was just a blank DVD with "ROBLOX AND FRIENDS LOST EPISODE MK1 KILLS!" written crudely with marker. I tried washing it, but it was permanent. After that, I opened my DVD player and grabbed some Coke before I officially watched the tape. Also, it even another lost episode of ROBLOX And Friends.

After 20 seconds, the television said "ERROR DISC". But I just bought it and how can it be errored. I took out my disc and cleaned it, but there were no scratches. I tried some other tapes, and they work splendidly.

So I brought back my "ROBLOX AND FRIENDS LOST EPISODE MK1 KILLS!" disc and the DVD player was now playing it. It started with the Season 3 opening, you know the one with the robloxians singing? Well, I heard no robloxians singing.

It just displayed MK1 and friends playing follow the leader, but after the part where he went into town, it showed a dead robloxian on the track. Could MK1 or another robloxian have run over that innocent robloxian?

I was stunned and took out the disc once more, then I plopped it back in the DVD. Then it just went to the episode called:


What the heck, how could an episode be named like that? Anyway, it started with MK1 playing video games.

Then Builderman went into his house and said in a voice:

"MK1, I want you to -- "

Then the screen made static noises that were so loud, but my TV had only 4 volume. Did I mention there was no narration?

Then a voice came up and said:

"MK1, kill all your friends."

I was shocked and felt goosebumps, then I paused the disc and drank some Coke before I played it back. Then it showed MK1 with an angry smile on his face, just add MK1' angry eyebrows to his cheerful smile from Season 2.

MK1 then went to the Dunkin' Donuts and I heard the Kefka laugh from Sonic1,2.exe. What scared me was that MK1 shouted at a WORKER to get a gun. The workers was just as scared as I was, and MK1 went out with a rifle.

Then he saw AquaChick who was pulling money, and the girl said in her US voice "Hi Mariokeith1", but MK1 shot AquaChick in the face, then on her feet, and finally on her body, I could hear AquaChick screaming, it wasn't AQ's screaming, it was from Mom put on a cat pictures scary pop-up joke video that supposed to scare me, and AquaChick was dead.

I was completely stunned, because I thought MK1 and AquaChick were best friends, and why would MK1 kill his own best friend?

Then I saw Dr. Rad who was shunting test tubes, and he said in his US voice:

"Hello MK1, I heard you killed AquaChick."

MK1 replies nothing and shoots Dr. Rad in the same manner as AquaChick, and was dead too. MK1 went on and killed every body and every noob he sees in the same way: shot in the feet, then the body and finally, the face.

Builderman holded on Noob, and said in his British voice:

"MK1, how dare you kill eve---"

Then he was shot and killed. Noob was shocked and begged for his life, to which MK1 replies "Your next to die" in a scary Bowser-like voice. Noob then run really fast to get away from MK1 for about 5 minutes.

All the time, I see the graveyard full of the robloxians MK1 has murdered. I paused the disc and looked at the rubble. There were bodies, and the faces were burned from fire.

Noob stopped at Crossroads and is tired of walking, then Noob and I saw MK1 now with an evil smirk on his face. Noob and I both begged for the robloxian's life, and then I saw multiple MK1s looking exactly alike.

One said:

"There's no way out!"

And the others said:


All the multiple MK1s shooted and killed Noob, his arms breaked out and to my surprise, blood. The other MK1s chanted in unison, "Die! Die! Die!", before it went to the credits, except only MK1 was shown, again with the same smirk.

After the Credits, the screen cut to black and then it showed the scariest face of all my life.

It was a picture of a scary face picture from the joke on the old computer that was used Papa scared Grandma, and as it came up, it did the screaming girl sound from the joke on the old computer that was used Papa scared Grandma.

After that screaming, I heard a voice saying "Keith Arnault, you're next". I was now horrified by this, before it finally was over. I took the disc, placed it inside the box, and threw in the trash bin.

I soon fell asleep, but there were voices in my head saying "You're next" and "You will die".

I woke up at 2:00pm, trying to forget the whole thing, but as soon as I went to the sink to brush my teeth, I saw words written with blood saying:

"This will not end. You will be killed by MK1".

Then what made me jump was that all of my robloxians were there, completely arranged, and in front was MK1.

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