Once i found a tape in my room named ROBLOX:TAHJB EPISODE:UNKNOWN and it was weird looking.....I put the tape into my VHS player and For some reason the introduction to it seemed WEIRD!!!!!! the episode started off with the robloxian drawn in kids marker drawings.... you could hear screams in the back ground,After that Something popped up.. It was a robloxian with black and red eyes staring right at me,he said you should not be watching this ROBERT!!!!!!! I went downstairs and someone sent me a email on my computer saying FULL EPISODE OF TAHJB.

I watched it it started up like the VHS tape But it was the full one Screaming was heard and there was a door with blood leaking out..... i passed out after that. I remember having a dream about the robloxian standing there,A white background and blood red eyes....The credits rolled in a kids handwriting font... The text said IM SORRY..... LET ME GO And then after that it said For the garrett network and the robert network and------tv. It said made by----- inc's ANIMATING team.. in a bloody font..... The robloxian looked like this:

U0-eus-d1-06383de886f545cabc0fd6f4002b9d58^pimgt2 distr

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