In 2007, me and my friends were having a party, a get-together if you may. We were at David's house, and we were looking through old VHS's, kinda of digging up treasure. We found this:

Tape 101

It was a tape, as you expect. Except, it was printed on with 'Quigley's Curse' in red. We didn't think much of it, just probably 'another one of those stupid Letter Factory VHS's' we thought, boy were wrong as all hell. We quickly rushed upstairs, with the VHS in hand. We put it in the VCR and started it up. It cut to a black background, with red words reading "QUIGLEY'S CURSE - THIS IS HIS LAST QUEST, WATCH IT AND LOVED ONES WILL SUFFER THE CURSE" and these words were the surprisingly alive 'Letter Factory' words. 

Title Card 101

It faded to a new scene, with Tad (the main frog character) in the bathroom, naked. David looked in shock and thrown up in a barf bag. Something... was at the bathroom windows, it looked like Quigley... but I can't be so sure... it crawled onto the floor, and next to Tad. It looked up with it's eyes, they were black and red.

It 101

I noticed something was up, along with the naked Tad. The animation was... crap, it was like if it were in MS paint almost. It raised a knife from it's pocket or something, and everything turned to... shadows, and it stabbed another shadow with it's knife. It cut to another scene... I prepared for the worst... It showed a crime scene, with Mr. Websley, Mr. Frog, Mrs. Frog, and Leap and Lily. They were babbling words, if it were in another language. They all had terrified looks on their faces too.

Crime scene

Quigley, looking if nothing happened, walked over to the gang as they were crying. He babbled something that sounded like 'Are you guys, ok?', and they shouted back 'TAD IS DEAD', Quigley got a grin on his face. He then turned into the shadow again, as everybody left the crime scene. It cut to a picture, it looked like... Quigley, but the picture was zoomed out to reveal... that wasn't all it had to offer, it showed the 'Obey the Walrus' girl, and David, Pedro, and myself jumped back in fear. David fainted, as the only surviving was: Me and Pedro. 

The lights went out, so did the power. When it came back, David was gone, like REALLY gone. In his place... was a Quigley doll. I picked up the Quigley doll, and realized it was covered in blood and flesh. I quickly dropped it in fear, and me and Pedro ran out of the house. Then I realized 'THE TAPE, THE TAPE YOU ASSHOLE' and ran back into the house and got the tape. The police came by, and said they were looking for David for months. They sent me a 'letter', saying:


Update - 2/2/15

I got a text message from someone named 'Quigley', and I was creeped out:

"Я получил ваш друг и я никогда не отдаст свою душу, он находится в плюшевых навсегда"

Which translated to:

"I got your friend, and I will never give his soul back, he's in the plush forever..."

So, that's where he was... It all makes sense now. I took the bloody Quigley plush and talked to it, and it replied to me:


"David, is that you?"

A loud booming voice interrupted David's...


"I'm sorry, Master Satan... I will kill him like you said..."

The plush raised a knife and stabbed me in the shoulder, Pedro rushed in and saw me bleeding and aided me to safety from the satanic plush. Pedro took out an MP4-gun and shot David (or what is left of him), before we ran out of the house. I think David is now lost to this... curse, that will forever be in him... for the rest of his cursed life. I contacted a person who said he could get rid of demons and help souls get to the light. He'll be here tomorrow. Today, before the plush incident, I watched the tape again. Horrible memories filled my mind, as Tad was killed, but this time it showed who killed him... was Quigley

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