My friends and I were snooping around the dump one day, when we came across a computer someone had left there. Interested, we opened it and switched it on, and began searching through the files.

We only found one video file, simply called "pythor.wmv" I clicked on it, wondering what the heck a pythor was. The video played, but there didn't seem to be any actual footage. It was just... static. Then, quite suddenly, a picture of a CGI snake came up on the screen. It was a purple snake with pink eyes, and black markings all over its body. It was screaming loudly, loud enough to burst eardrums, and we all jumped back in fright.

The snake carried on screaming and screaming, before the screen cut to black for about 30 seconds. When the picture came back, it showed the snake again. It spoke this time, in a voice with a creepy English accent. It said, "Want to hear me scream again? No? I didn't think so, heheheh!

As soon as the video ended, we all picked up the computer and I saved the file onto a flash drive I always kept in my pocket, and we flung the computer as far away as we could. The smash was like music to our ears. To be continued...

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