In 2006, a small group of fans were allowed into the Studios at Nickelodeon inc. These people have never been identified. They went into the room where Andrew Skinner wrote some disturbing episodes (EX: Red Mist) It was a small case, and written on it were undecipherable scribbles, and random sketches of unknown characters from planned (now on tv). Some of them even looked like prototypes of existing characters. Inside the case, was a film reel. They picked it up, reading a label on the reel. It said "RAY: PRESTON". They assumed it was a test reel created by Mr. Skinner himself. They were excited, and quickly went over to the reel projector that had already been set up beforehand. Then came up a picture of Ray Preston blankly staring at the screen. The music was, well, not even music. It was one continuous note with varying pitches. Ray's eyes were bulging, and more realistic than what is usually seen in these drawing. His hat, however, was a different story. It was poorly drawn, and the color seemed to be scribbled on. The brown color from his hat overlapped his face a bit. The video got progressively more shaky. This went on for about thirty seconds. Ray's face quickly overtook the screen. His eyes dark red, and white pupils. The static got worse than it ever was. Eye witness accounts say that the group had run out screaming. One of them jumped out of a window, while two others' brains exploded. The Video was uploaded to youtube only to be taken down. Then the actual show was made in 2013 and the video was never seen again.

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