Poofy, Cally and Red is a fictional TV show set in a work building/house in the town Cat City that i created in 2008 based off of my 3 cats i owned. There also was an originally main character who's name was Elle, introduced in episode 26 but became a background character in episode 41 due to being fired by Red. Anyways, a writer was reviewing episode 77 of Poofy, Cally and Red in 2011. I hadn't assigned him to, but it didn't matter, at least he worked. Although he seemed horrified. He gasped occasionally during the process. When he finished viewing the episode and put it on the tape, he threw it on his desk and ran out of the building. Me and 7 other staff members were looking at the desk in temptation to grab it and watch. One person grabbed it and made it so we could watch. The episode started out with the end of the Ren and Stimpy episode "Fire Dogs"; none of us knew why. Then the episode cut to the title card of episode 77. It was supposed to be saying "Inside The Mind Of Cally", and in fact it did, so i wasn't sure why the writer was horrified. The music however was gone and replaced with a fast-paced, very low-pitched reversed line from Poofy that was repeated about 8 times. Then a shot of one of Poofy's many classic cars, a black 1948

A screenshot of Poofy about to stop the Anglia

Ford Anglia, came up. Poofy was in the car driving. There was a large blood stain on the front left wheel and one of the light covers was broken on the front and so was the lightbulb inside. This driving scene continued for roughly a minute and a half. Then Poofy came to a complete stop. He looked over and said something but his dialogue was completely muted. He got out of the car and went to the thing he was looking at. He waved and said "Hello!" and got back in the car. He drove to the work building. Inside, he yawned and informed that he was going to nap on the couch. The couch became static for two seconds and Poofy laid on it. Red walked by quietly to get a tuna sandwich but the door creaked open. Red looked back and saw Elle. Elle was infuriated at Red for firing her. Elle's eyes were dark gray, and dark red blood was dripping from them. Elle grabbed Red's throat and made sure he was choking. Then she slammed his head on the table multiple times as Red gagged and yelled in agony. Tears ran down his face. Then Elle grabbed a pistol and shot a circle around Red's stomach. She tore out the skin covering his stomach, tore off his arms and tied his intestine to the arms and shoved them in Red's mouth. At this point the background became a dark red and black mix, and Elle looked at Red. 6 seconds later she said, "Nice going buddy. Good to land here, huh? Just go ahead and die for me." Red was looking at Elle and shook his head. Elle said, "Oh and while you're at it..." There was a 3

A screenshot of Elle leaning towards Red

second pause as Elle leaned in on Red. " me now, craphead." Elle shot Red again with the pistol in the head. The episode blacked out and we all ran out of the room in horror each hiding under the same table, out in the lobby. Elle said "Oh yeah, do you think YOU can escape TOO?", this time closer to us. I could see Elle was actually in the other room and i pointed that out and instructed to run. We did and we saw Elle in front of us. She said in an evil voice, "YOU'RE NOT HIDING FROM THE LEADER!" Luckily i escaped. Afterwards, Poofy, Cally and Red was put on a 4 month hiatus.

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