Part VIII: Curse you, Sinneslöschen! This intermission sucks!

The damn game has captured me and took me in the 3rd intermission, which is a bloody hell that i must escape it. The demon comes here and tells me "Welcome, my slave, you can't delete me, since this game has truly power and i will keep giving you nightmares, forcing you to keep playing this game FOR LIFE!", i yell at him for bringing me here. The demon replies me to shut up and he kicks me to a pit, and then i wake up from my bed and i screamed like hell, it was really a dream, however i still recognize the same pc with the goddamn same game, someone anonymous must have done it. But i can't see any friends! Where they are? OH WAIT THEY'RE IN THE PC AGAIN!!

Part IX: It was just a dream, or not?

I get up from the bed in 1 second faster and i sit down to the pc in 1 second, in order to get revenge on this shitty game ever made, i launch the game and instead of the text intro, it's Pazuzu's face from The Exorcist with a loud scream, i was really totally upset and the title screen became very diabolic, the Polybius II text became diabolic, instead of Bius Titel, it replaced with a scary, font named Rothenburg Decorative and the Cosmic Alien replaced with Agate Details, this game is becoming very ridiculous than before, for luck i am maybe at the last stage which was the 3rd stage.

The 1st wave began with the intro "ST4G3 THR33 W4V3 0N3" with a terrible background, the intros are complicately different than the previous 2 stages, instead of the outlined sprites with colors, they're bloody now, and instead of the cool sound effects, it replaced with scary sound effects like blood bites, loud screams, etc. WHAT THE FUCK? WHY THIS GAME IS REALLY CURSED?!?! There are shitloads of enemies which were scary faces, but when i die a very long scary video plays loudly, then i am now in the next wave, which was "YOUR HEART WILL BE TAKEN OUT SOON.", oh god when i will escape this nightmare?

There's one enemy that is a giant hand who is trying to take the spaceship, i tried to escape it but he did catch me after 1 minute and i got a very, terrorizing version of that screamer when i launch the game, which a totally louder scream that could make my speakers explode! Then my PC is damaged with evil viruses, I AM IN DANGER!!!

The PC began to open it's hands, the screen turns to a terrorizing face and opens its legs, now he's a monster!

Part X: The Final Battle (against the Monitor)

The screen now says "FINAL BOSS", what the hell? My friend has totally lied about this game! It was very terrible than the first game! The computer had noises like whines, monsters, screams, like in the Suicidemouse.avi video! I pick a shotgun and i try to attack the monitor, but it has a very aggresive defense that could reflect the shots to me, i was injured and i want my friends back here, but the monitor says "YOU CAN GET BACK YOUR FRIENDS IF...YOU DIE" and he is close to my face.

It tries to take my face with a hand, but someone slashed the monitor's neck, and he destroyed it, the PC says his last words "FUCK YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY, I WILL RETURN!!!" and a normal PC spawned in the desk, without the stupid game. It was my dad, and he was worried that i could die, i thank him for destroying the stupid PC who had the posseded game. But now he was angry at me for doing this mess, now i was in punishment, after 10 hours of punishment, i could get back in the PC, and i got a mail saying "Sinneslöschen's farewell", the text is "Sinneslöschen is closed due the FBI recognized that the Polybius2.exe file was harmful for everyone, Polybius2.exe is automatically removed in your system to prevent damage to your PC. Thank you for helping the FBI." and i was happy, but, what my friends have been done?


My friend and 4ever are stuck in the Polybius2.exe, but after few seconds, they are now free and they are back where i was, they are happy to see me again and they thanked me. Polybius II is now no more, and now we have decided to play harmless games more than harmful games.


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