Part VI: 4ever and Polybius II

Me and my friend are still waiting for 4ever, but it might take a lot to come, after 12 hours, she landed on a airport and he came here with her jet, finally she's here! Finally we get in our PC and...what the heck? The title screen has suddenly become cursed! The polybius text was red like blood and the blue in-game font changed to the yellow one.


The cursed title, but it doesn't look scary...

I was excepting that a evil character had done this really dumby thing in my life, now i'm loading the game and i am still on the intermission. The text said "FINALLY YOU BRINGED 4EVER HERE, NOW IT'S TIME TO MEET YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE", then the PC took all my friends into in the pc, then i screamed NOOOOO and i sacrifice, however the text says "DON'T CRY, I HOPE IF YOU WILL COMPLETE 3 MORE WAVES YOU'LL GET THEM BACK..." and i accepted the deal, however, it's just 3 more waves, the stage begins with the "STAGE 2 WAVE 4: REDCURSE" intro text, the REDCURSE codename is a meaning of "Blood-curse", then i would think that my friends were just in the PC, being killed by some trap itself! Then here begins the 4th wave.

Part VII: REDCURSE (3 More Waves)

The 4th wave makes the game a familiar change, instead of white outline sprites, they're now in color and also the sky color is blue, also the gameplay is now in horizontal. There were some row of enemies incoming and the music was the 4th stage of the original Gradius. I don't want to think this level will be ruined by creepy sentiments, really. After i destroyed some rows of enemies, there are now giant rows of enemies, i got one row past and SHITLOAD of bullets attacked me, the stage restarted with the same intro before and i left off where the giant rows begins, i survived the rows and the bullets, and i got from a tripping portal, where leads to Wave 5.

The intro is "STAGE 2 WAVE 5: BETA". The 5th wave consists of lots of flying β's as enemies, the β can shoot themselves with β's, wtf are these enemies? After 1 minute they become red and they go fast, one more minute and the wave is over, that was quick. Now i'm on the 6th wave, which is REALLY the final wave of the 2nd stage. The codename is OMICRON, which was the name of the 3rd boss of this game. Omicron is a monster boss that he always shoot you with superlasers and his body is a Omicron symbol from the greek alphabet. The boss had lots of more health than the 2nd boss and it was insane to beat this, i failed nine thousand times (oh god why) and i beaten the boss.

The PC shakes and spits out my friend and 4ever, finally i got my friends back to life. However that game is going on chaos since of the curse, these stupid tricks on me and even ugly sentiments, i have decided to delete the game, but when i try to delete the file, a evil hand slaps me and he says "YOU DUMB IDIOT, I WON'T BE DELETE UNTIL YOU WIN THIS GAME, COME WITH ME" and he kidnapped me, leading me to the 3rd stage, wait not! It's a intermission where it is just bloody hell, i must get out of here.

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