Part IV: Alfonso, Alpha and The D Word (The 2nd Stage)

Me and my friend are back to play this game, this time we are left to play the 2nd stage, which periodically starts the twist. The 2nd stage starts with the text "STAGE 2 WAVE 1: ALFONSO", and i don't know, why there's a weird "ALFONSO" codename? Oh well, i'm gonna try to play this 1st wave of the 2nd stage. The 1st wave starts with a blank level with no enemies, then after few seconds, a portal sucks in the spaceship and leads to a colorful hypnotizing world fullfilled with flying spikes, and this is the first time i fail into this, then the 1st wave restarts firstly with "STAGE 2 WAVE 1.2: ALF0NS0", and this time the ALFONSO codename replaces the O's with the zeroes and the wave number is 1.2, thus made a checkpoint to the beggining of the wave, and this is just another attempt with the stupid fast spikes flying over the spiral, the stage restarts again with the same thing happened before, and then an inception happens, I FAIL LIKELY SOME TIMES!

But for luck, after failing lots of times, i finally survived all spikes and the spiral ends. Then there was a image of me taken from the webcam, and the text "This is you. The victim." appears, what the fuck? Then the text "You're the one embarassing to play this, how the heck you survive the spikes?" appears, i replied it with "WHO CARES? LET ME PROCEED THE GAME ANYWAYS.", then the text "Ok." appears and the 2nd wave starts with firstly "STAGE 2 WAVE 2: ALPHA", this time there's no ALFONSO, but it is ALPHA. The wave begins with a shit load of enemies incoming the spaceship, and they got lots of HP, so i couldn't pass the 2nd part of the wave, why would these retards of Sinneslöschen do this? After failing for lots of times, the enemies were now with one HP, thank god.

The FPS then goes ultra fast, making the game itself challenging, there was a scrolling stage full of deadly walls that could crush you, i tried to get it past carefully but in the last part the wall triggered itself and crushed me. Then in the intro there's "STAGE 2 WAVE 2.666: 41PH4", replaced ALPHA with the 1337 version and also instead of Wave 2, it replaced it with 2.666, the wave restarted with bloody outlines instead of white ones, with a satanic figure appearing, when i tried to shoot him, he strikes back the bullet with a very fast bullet that would reach the spaceship instantly! Then i failed yet again, seriously, these idiots are really smarter than me! However i saved my life, wave 2 ended and the 3rd wave started, there will be another boss! :D

The intro says "STAGE 2 WAVE 3: DEATH", the boss was just a "retro" version of the Grim Reaper and i have to hit his head, his attacks is using his blade shooting lots of bullets and laser eyes. This boss was insane as hell, i failed about 50 times and finally destroyed him, however he revived himself with few HP, the boss gets his new attack: A gigantic fire breath. I failed again about 50 times and finally destroyed him, again. Another intermission was about to begin.

Part V: Geo Guy in This Game?!

The 2nd intermission began with the same picture of Geo Guy dead in the floor from the "1ACB06.avi" video file while that creepy 2nd stage music from radel999's Bowser The Warrior plays, i was thinking that this game has made many cameo appearances in this game, after some seconds, the picture switches to another dead Geo Guy picture, which Geo Guy is hanged into a rope in a tree from a mountain, after some seconds again, the intermission interrupts with a text saying "TO CONTINUE THE GAME, GO GET 4EVER HERE AND MEET HER WITH ME WITH MORE 3 WAVES FROM THE SAME 2ND STAGE! I BET SINNESLOSCHEN WILL MEET HER!!", i was forced to get 4ever in my house, but she was from her american country, so i called her in the phone to come in my house to play Polybius II by taking a plane, she said ok and i was waiting, i close the game and i hope i'll await her coming...

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