Hello my name is zack im 26 years old remember pokèmon? It was a good game well there's was on game that wasn't supposed to be release but accidentaly was all of the kids who played it were scared to death parents phone call Nintendo with complaints that this game scared there kids so bad I'm not kidding so bad they almost pooped their pants on June 5 2014 I found it I was looking in a old video game store to look for some pokèmon games for me so I said to the man that works here do you sell pokèmon games I said then the man that works here said we sell this a NEVER SEEN BANDED RARE pokèmon game ever but beware it's a very scary game he said then I buy it then I went to my attic to get my old game boy then I pop it in and the game start there's was no Nintendo logo but let's just move the start up screen shows up but instead of showing a pokèmon it's just words that say покемон witch means Pokèmon in Russian then it starts out with professer oak but he looks black and white then it cuts to you in lavender town and then you see hypno then he went by a kid and the music from lavnder town played and kid act like a charzard char chat the kid said the hypno and the charzard kid then it cuts to a cutscene where a trainer get pulled in a grave by the rake then it's cut to a picture of the trainer with black soulless eyes the lavender town music playing backwards and the screaming from lucky.avi then it cuts to 8bit color bars and I noticed my game crashed

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