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I was downstairs at 10:23 AM and I was finding a episode of Play with Me Sesame. Then I found an episode called Episode 79. Weird. I never saw this episode before then I watched it. The intro was normal but the sound was replaced with static. The episode began with Ernie playing. He stays with Prairie Dawn. Ernie looks at the camera for 30 seconds, then he screams in a deep voice "THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU'RE SEEING!". Then he stabbed Prairie Dawn and she screams for 5 seconds. Then it goes to the next scene which was really disturbing.

The next scene was Grover laying in a puddle of blood. He had no eyes just white eyes this part was creepy. Kermit came and had blood all over his skin dripping. Then he started laughing in a deep and demonic voice. He then picked up the camera smirking for 50 seconds and a half then he put the camera down after that there was static for 9 minutes.

The last scene was all the renaming characters laying on the ground dead with blood all over them a blood curdling scream. It cut to black and there was a beeping noise the last thing was a message that said "remain.... remain...." then the ending credits rolled silently.
Ayumu - Creepypasta Review Episode 91 - Play With Me Sesame - Episode 7902:18

Ayumu - Creepypasta Review Episode 91 - Play With Me Sesame - Episode 79

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